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Pouring the pancake mix onto the griddle, Ludwig smiled. If awaking, taking a shower, singing, then shaking, or slapping Alfred wasn’t going to wake him up, this sure was. The heavenly scent of cooking mix wafted gently into his nostrils, giving him one little moment of peace.

He loved mornings like this, so familiar and regular and special in their own way. As usual, Alfred would get up, eat the breakfast he made, smile that one hundred watt grin that Ludwig so adored, get ready for work while trying to find the tie -that he absolutely left on the night stand- or his pants and Ludwig would smile and hold the items up for him. He’d shove his food down his throat, they’d bicker, and the German’s face would be peppered with kisses all throughout this. So lovely, so just him and Alfred, and much more domestic than he was used to.

Large, overbearing noises of a busy New York city destroyed his day dream, and rudely brought him back to the present. Scowling, he practically slammed the window shut. How annoying. This was the particular downfall to cities, just like this one’s name, they never slept. Which he found to be quiet hilarious, after all, Alfred never woke up early.

“Uhhhnnnn...” Came the groan from an adjoining room. Ah, there was Alfred.

The American fell out of the room with the edge of a blanket tugging at his foot -his glasses were upside down and lazily strung across his features, adorable- he barely managed to loose the unwelcome encumber before continuing the lazy trudge into their apartment’s kitchen.

Ludwig sighed, he had already made six pancakes, and still had over half the bowl left of mix. Alfred woke just a few minutes too early.

“Guten Morgen!” He cried brightly, and his boyfriend’s bobbing head shot up in alert. Glaring, Alfred managed to mumble back a mangled ‘Morning.’ So cute. If anyone asked the German’s next move was inevitable.

“Sleep well?!” Alfred’s murderous stares bounced off the elated German’s persona. Knowing...

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