As We Continue To Explore New Environments

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A few short decades past, a fraction of a second in terms of the birth of our universe, many humans spent much of their sunset times , and the dark hours that followed, not with smart phones and computers connected to the internet, but instead gazing skyward toward the moon, planets, and stars, connecting the dots of stars into pictures, and associating some celestial phenomena with various deities or occurrences of phenomena here on Earth. Constellations and celestial events were believed to have played an important part in the development of civilization, and astronomical events and observations have been written into both historical and religious texts.
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We are curious by our nature, we seek to have answers to that which we do not yet know, and we are persistent survivalist. So what about the future?
To contemplate our future achievement we may want to know about our past successes and failures. I will demonstrate a few of our the following paragraphs.
Some genetic variations will always be favored in any environment, be that dark pigmentation, or light, virus resistance or not, polluted environs or pure - it seems the greater the challenge (pollution) the faster the selection. This will continue into space where some individuals will have a greater resistance to the demands of increased radiation levels, and others will fail. Some may adapt better to whatever technology is available for our diet in space or on other planets, others not so. Some may adapt to the weightlessness of space, others not. That has been the way, I imagine the rules will not change.
A cockroach can survive nuclear warfare - really? I could wish for some of those genes.
In World War II America had developed, and then used, the atomic bomb killing hundreds of thousands of people. One man, in particular, may shed some light on the variability of human resistance to high levels of radiation. Tsutomu Yamaguchi, has been called both, the Unluckiest Man in the World, and the Luckiest Man in the World. Mr. Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima in August 1945 when the first atom bomb exploded. Injured and knocked unconscious, when he awoke he proceeded back to his home town - Nagasaki. Back in Nagasaki Mr. Yamaguchi was present for the second bomb. Both times he was less than a mile and a half from ground zero....

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