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As We Grow Essay

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There comes a moment in every person’s life, when toys are no longer playthings but are merely nuisances, when you worry more about finding a job than you do about that new phone, and when your dreams of Santa and the Tooth Fairy begin to fade. In the stage in which every young adult experiences this metamorphosis, somewhere between the ages of ten and eighteen, the choices you make shape your future. In the case of David Strorm, protagonist in John Wyndham’s novel The Chrysalids, the choices he is forced to make are a bit more extreme than normal, but the same principles still apply. David must realize his true identity and how it varies from the society he grew up in, must find differences between his father’s views and his own, and, in the end, must accept that the world he knows isn’t as safe as he thought. Throughout the novel, as David Strorm matures and has to face many difficult choices, he becomes a more harsh and bitter character.
At the beginning of the Chrysalids, we meet David as a ten-year old boy who has conformed to meet his parent’s strict standards. David then meets a girl named Sophie, who turns out to be a mutant, something he should be frightened of. It is then David first begins to question his father’s beliefs, as shown in the quotation, “A blasphemy was, as had been impressed upon me often enough, a frightful thing. Yet there was nothing frightening about Sophie. She was simply an ordinary little girl,” (Wyndham 14). This phrase is the spark that will ignite the fire of rebellion inside David, as he realizes that his father’s beliefs may not be morally correct and are often flawed. Naturally, David begins to feel a bit betrayed by his father for leading him astray and forcing wrong beliefs upon him, and this will eventually grow into a bitter hatred towards his old life.
Although some may argue that David becomes a better person once he leaves Waknuk, I strongly disagree. Waknuk was David’s home, a place where he spent his entire childhood, and he was required to leave due to a simple difference. However, David is still a bit torn between what he learned and what he is even after he leaves, as shown when he is talking to the Fringes man, “God? They’ve always taught us that the Devil rules the Fringes,” (153). He is forced to eventually choose between what he has known all his life and his mutant abilities, which is a choice I believe no one should have to make. This is another factor in making him harsher to the people around him and his old life in general, as David was...

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