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Chapter 1:
· Becoming slim by design works better than trying to become slim by willpower. Its easier to change ur eating environment than to change ur mind.
· We eat 80% of our food within five miles of where we live: home, restaurants, grocery store, work, and kid’s school.
· Nobody wants us to be fat, it costs buffet owners more money every time we belly up to the buffet.: rice is great if u are very hungry and want to eat a thousand of somethings.
· Slim dinners: sit 16 feet farther away from the buffet; 3 times more likely to face away from the buffet; more likel to use chopsticks; more likely to use small plates; + likely to have a napkin on their laps; + likely to sit in a booth; they scout out the buffet before they pick up a plate.
· Profitable slim by design Chinese buffet: seats people farthest from food and facing away; plants to block sightlines to the food; decreases the size of plates to 9 ¾ inches; offers chopsticks and makes people ask if they want a fork; puts plates on the far side of the buffet so people look at the food; give 12 ounce versus 20 drinks and lets customers refill.
· Inventions: eating eggs and chocolate chips every morning for breakfast; snacking only after walking the dog; eating cheese after work; never use microwave.
· Diet lasts: a week or less-39%; a month or less-36%; over 2 months-8%; 3 months or less-17%
· First toom u walk in at home: kitchen and 1 boxe of cereal u will weight 21 pounds + than ur neighbor who doesn’t.
Chapter 3:
· We don’t ask for to-go boxes because of the endowment effect: we value things + if we feel we own them than if we don’t. Peoplw who were told about the to-go boxes before they order are about 40% + likely to say they will take home leftovers than those who werent
· If restaurants could order for you they would probably start off with veggie platter...

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