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Over the course of history, few human systems have held higher importance than the Silk Road in the Human Experience. The silk roads were a series of trade routes stretching nearly 4000 miles across Asia; created in roughly 206 AD with the Han Dynasty and dissolved in roughly 1453 AD with the fall of the Mongol Empire. The long-dstance political and economic relations developed between civilizations catalized the developement of all parties involved. To both Asia and Europe the Roads were a key point of cultural interaction between early civilizations, especially in the travel of both goods and philosophies. [citation 1]

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While the Silk Road wasn't established until the third century, it's precursers date back to the first Neolithic revolutions.Domestication of pack animals slowly increased both the quantity and range of trade, eventually leading to contact between China and Central Asia in about 2000 BC [guns citation]. As early as 1000 BC Chinese silk reached Ancient Egypt, [Lubec, G.; J. Holaubek, C. Feldl, B. Lubec, E. Strouhal (4 March 1993). "Use of silk in ancient Egypt". Nature 362(6415): 25. ], and in 800 BC Chinese art began to show significant Steppe Nomad influences. In about 500 B.C. The Persian Empire created a road that stretched roughly from the Meditteranean to the Persian Gulf. This road supported regular trade between neighboring India, Mesopotamia, and the Mediteranean. ["The Persian Royal Road". Livius: Articles on Ancient History. Retrieved February 16, 2005]. The Greeks established the first direct "western" contact in the second century BC, and for the next hundered years Chinese expansion and exploration led to efforts to create a road that linked them to both India and the West. This route, now formerly described as the beginning of the Silk Road [ Gary K. Young, Rome's Eastern Trade: International Commerce and Imperial Policy, 31 BC - AD 305] , was developed and patrolled in 100 BC through both direct settlements and trade agreements with neighboring powers.

Xinru Liu, The Silk Road in World History (New York: Oxford University Press, 2010), 21.
As Romes empire expanded into Egypt in 30 BC, regular communications with Eastern Asia quickly developed. The Roman Empire used trade routes inherited from earlier Arabic powers to import exotic luxuries that increased the prosperity of the people as a whole. With the entire Meditteranean United under a single empire, it was very easy for Rome to trade with Western India through its ports in Egypt. This volume of this trade by water was immense; as early as 10 AD a trading ship was leaving nearly every 3 days. From Egypt, the good would travel across the Western ends of the Silk Road and eventully into Europe. In addition to the titanic trade by sea, trade routes over land also flourished. A man named Maes Titanus blazed a trail into Western China that essentially eliminated the middle man between Roman and Chinese land...

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