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Presentation Of Health Care System In Finland, Guyana, And England

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The aim of this work is write a presentation of health care system in three countries. One of the countries must be Finland, one must be developing country and one must be developed country. In addition to Finland I want to do presentation about Guyana (developing country) and England (developed country). The reason I chose these countries for my presentation is that they have slightly different health care system than we do in Finland. I have also personal interest in the Guyana and their health care system. I know personally someone who is from Guyana and I want to become familiar with their culture and health care system. Another country I chose for my presentation was England. The reason why I chose England is that I don’t know the health care system they use at all.

Guyana is located nearby Venezuela, Suriname and Brazil and the country belongs to a North America. People in Guyana speaks English, it is specially country in North America for that reason. Caribbean community and Guyana are very close to each other. Guyana´s governance works with democratic principle. Westminster system of government is nearly linked to the Guyana´s government system. The government of Guyana consists of administrative regions (10 pieces) and the local government. The local government is divided into Amerindian Village Councils (76 pieces), municipalities (6 pieces), Neighborhood Democratic Councils (65 pieces) and Regional Democratic Councils (10 pieces). Abundant natural resources (including a fertile and productive soil, water resources caused by many rivers) are very important for Guyana´s economy. (WHO, Country cooperation strategy.)

England is located in United Kingdom. In England governance is based on constitutional monarchy. England is a neighbor with Scotland and Wales. Nearby to England is the Celtic sea. For English consist of many small islands (over 100 pieces). There live over 53 million people in England. (Wikipedia, England.)

Finland is located in Northern Europe (in fennoscandian region) and it is one of the Nordic countries and it belongs to the European Union. Sweden (in the west) and Russia (in the east) are located nearby in Finland. Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish languages. In Finland live about 5.4 million people and most of them lives in the southern regions. Finland is the most sparsely populated country in the European Union, even if it´s the eighth largest country in Europe. Finland is a republic country and its central government is located in Helsinki, in Finland´s capital city. (Wikipedia, Finland.)
According to the Guyana’s government, health must be the right of every citizen. Guyana´s people health and the responsibly everything what belongs that rests on the shoulders of the Minister of health (MOH). The health care system in Guyana is very fragmented. The main responsibility of managing and regional development, financing belongs to the Ministry of Local...

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