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Health Care Systems In Coumbia, Finland, And United Kingdom

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According to The Director General of the National Public Health Institute, Professor Pekka Puska health is very important to everyone, individuals and nationals all over the world, but we all have our own perceptions of health and the cultural issues affect strongly to health. Generally we have good health point, but the differences between nations are large.

In developed countries people are living longer, at the moment a baby girl's life expectancy will be over a hundred years. We have good control of infectious diseases too. But the development will bring problems too: obesity, diabetes, problems with alcohol etc. As Pekka Puska said we have a great deal of clinical and medical research, drug and clinical research are important, but they affect only accounts for a small part of the population. In a developing country there is much lower lever of health.

We need global research and that should be based on evidence. First we should identify the problem and find ways to solve problems. That is exactly what I think too. We need to focus on health behaviour, life styles, social and economical life. Social media, schools, advertising, tax control are important ways to affect our attitudes. In my opinion we should not waste money on unnecessary studies. This must be taken into consideration when planning and implementing health care education.

World is getting smaller, chance of surviving alone are poor, we need to do global work. As Pekka Puska said: think globally act locally. We have global leadership WHO and international health organizations e.g Unicef, Save the Children, Red Cross. Much has been done, but there are still plenty of challenges.

In the following learning task three countries: Columbia, Finland and United Kingdom, are presented. These are example countries of developing country, Finland and developed country. The presentation topic is health policy. At first I present WHO and then explain health policy and strategy in these three countries and what the main targets, needs for change, are and new challenges for public health in these three different countries (based on WHO). I try find up the targets in the different phases of life and how the implementation of health policy has been evaluated. At the end of this presentation I have a summary table comparing between these three countries.


3.1 Health policy and strategy in Colombia

Response of the health system is done with laws. Municipalization onHealth gave the process to all levels in national health system. They have also law which has responsibility of the different territorial thinks.The general Health and Security System (SGSSS) is done for work-related riskis, social services and the health and social security system. (PAHO)

Last few years in Colombia the Health Services have been improved in many ways. Efficiency and quality have been criticized so far that patients have increasingly...

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