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Asexuality And Women Essay

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Gender relates to sexuality as well as asexuality, along with the psychological and mental effects influencing health. Homosexuality and bisexuality are the most discussed of the nonheterosexualities, while asexuality is not too well known. Healthy sex lives help to fuel relationships. Union between two people with intimacy and romance but without sex is not unheard of; however, the concept tends to raise skepticism. Some would categorize sex as a need, along with food and shelter, but others claim to not have the sexual desire to engage in sexual activities with their respective partners. The lack of sex in their romantic relationships does not necessarily mean they are unhappy; in society nowadays, sex is not the only factor driving a relationship. However, the lack of sexual intimacy may cause strain in relationships, relying on romantic intimacy to fuel the healthiness of such unions.
Asexuality has been defined in many different ways and asexuality has received very little research attention (Prause and Graham 2007). More studies contribute to sex, as opposed to the lack of sex, because of its importance to the survival of any species. Society set norms in place to differentiate whether certain behavior would be considered appropriate. Behavior deemed deviant in one society may be considered perfectly normal in another. Teenagers and preteens will explore and discuss the issue of sexuality and sex with their peers inside and outside of classrooms. Word of mouth passes through faster than most education systems can really teach kids about sex. With hormones and puberty arising during this time in their lives, the youngsters require sufficient information on the basic bodily changes, but most teachers remain hesitant when asked to educate students on sexual matters, claiming they are too young to be indulged in such material. Since heterosexuality dominates the social norm, all other forms of sexuality become classified as negative and unacceptable. Similar to race superiority, whites generally receive better treatment compared to blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. As the world gradually become more open minded, education systems try to integrate LGBT topics into their curriculums, but nonheterosexuality remains a relatively taboo subject.
Pure and untainted in heart and mind, adults want to shield kids from such controversial topics as sexuality. However, exposing them to sensitive subjects at an earlier age will help with their understanding and tolerance in the future. Closed minded individuals assume that small children are not developmentally ready to understand certain things (DePalma and Atkinson 2006). When these children reach adolescence, individuals categorized as nonheterosexual would have better chances of not feeling alienated. Instead of viewing this exposure to sensitive subjects as tainting their innocent minds, people should see the education as enlightening and furthering their...

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