Problems Of Modern Russia Essay

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Problems of Modern Russia
Now I will talk about main problems of modern Russia. As an epigraph I chose the words of Fyodor Tyutchev, who proclaimed that "the mind cannot understand Russia, not a common yardstick to measure: it is very special to be in - in Russia can only believe."
Migration problem.
Millions of immigrants arrive to Russia every year. And most of them stay here for really long time.

As we can see on the picture, appearance of the most of immigrats is not slavic.
In 2007, Russia adopted the 260,000 immigrants. “The top ten countries from which migrants are leaving: Ukraine (33 000), Kazakhstan (32 520), Uzbekistan (30 000), Kyrgyzstan (10, 000), Mongolia (9000), Arab countries (8500), Africa (7700), Turkmenistan (6000) and China (6000). For these countries are Iran (3500) and Iraq (3500), with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, all of which were given 3,000 immigrants.” (Federal State Statistics Service 2013)
That’s why in 2013 Russia became the second country in number of immigrants (11 million people). Why all of them arrive to Russia?
Some of them are Russians who just wants to go home (Russians from Ukraine and Kazakhstan), but most of them leave their countries because of some problems in these countries. Usually it is unfavorable economic conditions in the country: inflation, mass unemployment, economic crisis, and here is a big gap in living standards between developed and developing countries, and therefore the population of developing countries is looking for a more comfortable living conditions for the improvement of the economic well-being, better-paying jobs and etc. Most researchers define as a crucial economic factor underlying drivers of migration flows. Sometimes it is politics problems: fleeing from persecution on political, ethnic, racial or religious grounds. Most of the migrants - migrant workers. They come to earn a living. This is very beneficial to employers because employers pay workers a small salary, which seems high for the migrants themselves. Sometimes these migrants give birth family in Russia and remain for a long time. But usually migrant’s family don’t leave their country, so migrants send money for his family. That’s why a lot of money abandons our country.

(Foreign Policy 2013)
Big amount of immigrants are illegals, and Russia have got a lot of problems with illegals. In fact, a lot of illegals became criminals, like smugglers, robbers, murderers and etc.
The worst thing is that immigrants sometimes are not polite for Russian population. They often disown Russian culture and traditions, don’t know Russian language. Because of these, sometimes clashes between Russian population and migrants. There are other consequences: - Increasing the scope of non-legal relations, including corruption (which is one of the most important Russian problems). - The growth of social tension. - Increased influence of nationalist movements.
There is another problem related to migration....

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