Ashelia, Fairy Of Aura Manipulation Essay

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I've revamped Ashee once more. I think I am going to keep this design (butthisiswhatisayafteralltheotherdesignssowhohonestlyknows). I really love this design, though. XD I changed the colors to slightly agree with one another better than the previous ones. Like the indigo of her old outfit is like a grayish-blue now, and her heels are a dark periwinkle. The main part, has stayed relatively the same, just the shadow and lineart colors have been changed to agree with the periwinkle flat color better. I started on this mid-February and got it done right at the end of February. I changed her wing's shape slightly, they seemed too detailed for MW in my opinion. (which you now can't really see due to the mountain of hair) They also now have a yellow color now, instead of the transparent blue and grey color they use to be. She actually now has a "kinda realistic" stone I made for her pendant, instead of her milky shaded one she use to have. Her body type and face are still the same. She's had a minor palette change again that most people won't even notice. My bby, Ashelia, fairy of aura manipulation. I started off on just changing her old power, "entity manipulation" to her current one that I am keeping, no if, and, or buts about it. I soon realized after giving her a new power, her old MW wasn't how I intended it to be. So back to the drawing board with it, I put elements of her first MW and the most current old one. Then boom bam this came to mind. XD I was then inspired from Lucario from (Pokémon), for her newest change, after I remembered Lucario has aura manipulation abilities. Hence the yellow wings. ;D The grayish-blue sleeves is what made me think of Lucario, so I gave her yellow wings after that. Ashee comes from her homerealm of Amdryria. Ashelia is predominantly feisty, sassy, and outgoing, though she is insecure that people feel she's worthless and no one is listening. A lot of her attitude and lip are due to that insecurity. She shouts to the world "because no one" is listening or cares. During her childhood she was typically ignored and never got to go outside castle grounds. She was basically trapped. Her mother was fun and loving, and always spent time with her and played with her whenever she could. Until the queen found Ashelia's "father" when she was five. Soon after he was found, her mother became vacant and cruel to her and Amdryria's kingdom. Ashee was banned from going outside the castle gates because the world might "pollute her". Her "father" ignored her and was cruel and hateful. If Ashelia tried to get the attention of her parents, without permission, she would be physically beat and abused, as punishment. Growing up all Ashelia had was Corene, her deaf housekeeper to rely on, who basically raised her as her own child. As soon as Ashelia turned the age of fifteen, Corene gave her the pendant she wears now. She told Ashee when she was four years old her mother entrusted the pendant to her to give to Ashelia, when she came of...

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