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There are many good white pine books last year that students read. There is "Second Trial", "Shattered", "Uninvited", "The Gathering" and more. Recently I read "Ashes Ashes" by Jo Treggiario, one of the white pine books last year, and I have to say that this book was interesting, suspenseful and had a lot of adventure. After reading this book, I've decided that "Ashes, Ashes" should be placed on the Toronto District School Board recommended reading list for three reasons: "the survival element", "the genres in the book" and the "characterization".
First let's start with the summary of the book. This book starts off with the main character:: Lucy Holloway. Lucy has been on her own in the wilderness of Central Park ever since the plague wiped out her family and 99% of the human population. Now, she just tries to survive day to day, braving unpredictable weather and vicious dogs just to hide from the Sweepers and make sure they don't find and capture her.
When a teen around her age named Aidan comes to her rescue as she's running from a canine hunting party, she decided that although she doesn't trust him entirely, she decides to go with him to "Hell's Gate", a camp where Aidan had made his home. Deciding to join the fairly large group of people with whom Aidan has made his home, Lucy becomes a part of them, and helps the group do into her daily chores and the comfort of companionship.
But things get tough as the Sweepers start assaulting the base and taking people from "Hell's Gate". After the assault, Del, Lucy, Aidan and others decide to go to Roosevelt Island to rescue their friends, but what they don't know is that this was all planned out by the sweepers, and they will soon be walking into a trap.
One reason why I believe "Ashes, Ashes" should be placed on the TDSB recommended reading list is because of the "survival element" in the book. In the book, we see Lucy and how she survives from not only the threat of nature, but also the threat of the sweepers and the savage dogs. The world is not how it is nowadays. It's hard to find food and drinks and there are not that many camps and refugees in which 1% of the population can live in. In the end, the survival element in this book is thoroughly captivating,...

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