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Wrote on this subject, pen quite some hesitation. "Memories" I have enough on the grid, "nostalgia" seems to be broad. Though
However, Mr. Qian to enjoy longevity, although Mr. Qian has long hospitalization, but first hears the bad news, or difficult to calm, and numerous discourses Bay stuck in throat
Child's eyes, bone stuck in my throat, to speak out. Especially to see some of the "Oriental Horizon" and "Guangming Daily" in talking about the
People actually despise Mr. colleagues this feeling even more intense. I respect Mr. Yang Jiang's willingness to not interfere
She needs most quiet. I know that, if allowed to acquaintances and admirers or door, or call generalities of expression
Love it, Nansha ditch calm den tall, has long emotional torrent from around the world will be flooded out. Mr. He Kuangqian Wills
Has made it clear that "the remains of relatives and friends to send to send long twenty-three not hold any ceremony, Ken resigned basket wreath, leaving ashes." My generation
Not lend a hand, but also in edgeways, emotions without the relieving, had hair and for the text.


Exaggeration to say that I was once Mr. Qian's "colleagues", and his number of faces of the elderly had the edge.
I entered the room the CASS Institute of Literature of ancient literature as a graduate student in 1978, Mr. Qian's name is at the time. "
Export to domestic sales. "Some of the students before the students sad to talk about" the May Fourth New Culture of the Renaissance and the Giants are not a go
Forever, "when subjected to high nose foreigners rebuttal:" Who does not? Shu is. "Followed by Columbia University, USA
Professor Xia Zhiqing's "History of Modern Chinese Literature" Biography came in, one of the most respected modern writers as if Shen Congwen and shu,
Thus, from the "Cultural Revolution" has just come out of the desert of our students are asking: "Who knows shu who watched?" Fortress Besieged "?"
End ashamed! Honor as "University Department" The Graduate, I assigned to a cultural revolution in remote village school, in books
Hall occasionally turn a corner the 1950s version of "Anthology of Song Poems." Preamble sway, comment incisive discussion of the ancient masters "撏 撦
"" Split up ", simple to say that plagiarism effort, described as" Merry Utah beat the ancients shoulder, "give me" as Masters days Lun "
Shock, so to hear the name of the President. Perhaps it is time, not perceived by the literature as an unattainable desire,
Buried in the bottom of my heart.
"Decades east, west decade." Years later, I accidentally admitted as a graduate student of literature. After school, those who had heard about
Mr. make name classmates, are eagerly looking forward to be able to listen to Mr. lectures, look to Mr. attractions. Unexpectedly, despite repeated requests to negotiate,
But no result: Mr. Qian rejected at home, or to the school to meet with Wuchai reasons unknown. In fact while the Jedi graduation
Most of the students, and...

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