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Expectations And Challenges Regarding Intervention Of China In The African Continent

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Africa has been the continent which many countries and global powers have had interest on. Due to the continents historical background, Africa needs to be ingenious towards its relationship not only with China but also other global powers; as these interests are increasingly becoming influential in its ties and development. Chinas relationship with Africa as brought major changes in the country from infrastructures, labour, exploitation, markets, etc. Taking into consideration its historical background, Africa’s foreign policy relationship with China must be carefully selected and agreed upon, as China has a great impact in Africa’s development.
Africa has been a continent which has had major influences from many different international powers and as a result of this the continents foreign policy is shaped in a way that it takes these events, forces and influences into consideration. For instance: strategic military imbalances, the Eastern bloc and Russia, China, Europe, the Cold war and post-Cold War are occurrences that have impacted the making of foreign policy worldwide. And in these conditions Africa has been a “passive object of other nations’ foreign policies” (Herbert, 2011). Foreign policies of developing countries in Africa haven’t been acknowledged for reasons like, not providing the necessary variety of embassies and workers, and financial capacity to be involved in international trends. But regardless of this matter Africa has its own preferred policies (Herbert, 2011).
There are some expectations and challenges regarding Chinese intervention in the African continent. China having successful experiences with its special economic zones sets its objectives of economic and trade co-operation zones, to help in the development of Africa, by providing the right skills and training and establishing the right infrastructure which then leads to job creations (Alves 2011, 1).These interventions come with a number of expectations, national and corporate interests like the access to markets and resources and by using its own companies. For Africa on the other hand they benefit from the fact that Chinas economic and trade co-operation zones are fitted in their country which provide central governments with intake of tax revenues, investments, technological advances ,knowledge, business opportunities economic spillovers and improved infrastructures (Alves 2011, 2).
Regardless to China influencing Africa in various positive ways in its development there has also been some negative aspects to it. It was detected that China’s purchasing of illicit African timber was having major impact in the African continent. China got alleged to leading trade in Africa that negatively impacted antipoverty actions (Sautman and Hairong 2007, 76). But one could also argue that Chinas interventions were also carefully selected. Sautman and Hairong said: “Chinese aid is often dispensed in such a way that corrupt rulers cannot somehow use it to buy Mercedes Benzes…...

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