Asia Culture Project: Aesthetics Essay

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ASIA CULTURE PROJECT: AESTHETICSArt is an expression of beauty. Through art, we are able to learn about the history of our world and how it has evolved through the many ages. The future of our world will also be influenced by continued art forms.Art is influenced by religions, cultures, moral values, traditions, and governmental hierarchies. Although there are hundreds of languages, art is a language which can be understood without words. It is a universal tool for learning.Going back through history, we can learn about ages through art. For instance, China used bronzes for a lot of pots, sculptures, and other art. Bronzes are very heavy, which suggests that to be able to build these massive structures, they had to of had a high level of technology. They also worked a lot with jade, which is one of the hardest gems ever. Jade cannot be cut by steel, it can only be worn down by other gems minerals, such as diamond, quartz sand, and crushed garnets. Jade was not local either; it was carried long distances from Central Asia, and Siberia. These are a few reasons that explain why the Chinese thought it had magical powers, and why they valued it so much.Another find of Asian art is the Terra-cotta Warriors. When they discovered the Qin emperor's tomb in 1974, they found a major archeological find. They found about 6,000 life like clay warriors. It was a tomb filled with 6,000 sculptures made from a combination of molds and individual modeling. The legs of the...


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1050 words - 4 pages structure, environment and company culture. Hence, a quality output of a communications strategy. At the time of the Planning Process, A detailed communication plan could have been created. A formal document is preferable. It should show the communications requirements, what form and format with timings and who is involve. This document should have been clear and agreed among the project team. On the course of the Project Execution, the

Contemporary Western Critique in Third World Cinema

2269 words - 9 pages rewritten their own histories, taken control over their own images...reclaiming and re‐accentuating colonialism and its ramifications in the present in a vast project of remapping and renaming" (51). Though not entirely brought up, educated or full‐time residents of the West, and simultaneously not so in Africa or South Asia either, Chadha, Peck, and Ngangura’s work undeniably highlights the dark history of the atrocities and racism in formerly

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1346 words - 5 pages direction on diversity awareness. Pete Ross, the production manager is having difficulties working with Asia Digital Publishing, and the company was unaware of authors’ feelings about the e-publishing process and piracy. The culture supports reaction actions rather than proactive ones. For instance, Pete Ross could be encouraged to change his work schedule during the project to accommodate the time difference of India and be able to interact

Pandoras Box: Have Postmodern Artists Gone too Far?

1446 words - 6 pages " brings us to our next culprit, the advocators of silence, the curators and art directors whose formation of a popular art culture dictates what is in vogue. Artistic value is now interpreted, meaning that it is up to the curators to evaluate who are the best artists based on contemporary aesthetics, which is inevitably postmodernism, and to support them accordingly. In this way postmodernists have substituted Erased De Kooning for drawing

Pandoras Box: Have Postmodern Artists Gone too Far?

1438 words - 6 pages " brings us to our next culprit, the advocators of silence, the curators and art directors whose formation of a popular art culture dictates what is in vogue. Artistic value is now interpreted, meaning that it is up to the curators to evaluate who are the best artists based on contemporary aesthetics, which is inevitably postmodernism, and to support them accordingly. In this way postmodernists have substituted Erased De Kooning for drawing

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2578 words - 10 pages Final Paper: AMC Asia 8Class: COMB353-001 Student ID: S-B0-1996-1 Name: Lao Chi Kio (Jojo)Final PaperIn this paper, I am going to analyze the organizational culture of The Audience Motivation Company Asia (AMC Asia) through its public communication. Bernard Oh, who is also the CEO of the company, founded AMC Asia in 1995. It is an experiential marketing and strategic events agency, of which provides high-quality event management services. The

Assess one or more of the Asia-Pacific’s territorial disputes and provide a critical evaluation of how it/they link/s to broader issues of potential conflict in the region.

3549 words - 14 pages Asia Pacific region and even in the whole world. As with the Kuril Islands dispute, Senkaku/Diaoyu Island is a problem left by the history which still hasn't been resolved yet since January of 1895 when China and Japan governments signed the Treaty of Shimonoseki. (Taiwan Document Project, n.d.) Although the U.S. claimed the islands were under Japan's administration in the 1971 Japan-US Ryukyu Islands Reversion Agreement (Dzurek, 1996), however

cen asia

2479 words - 10 pages element in our society. A new urban setting of Muslim towns was started and new routes opened for trade and Commerce with Central Asia. This was the time when the Ghaznavid empire incorporated the whole of Pakistan with parts of Central Asia, right up to Merv. The Turkish trend was further spurred by the conquests of the Ghorid Sultans who blended together the Tajik and Turkish elements and paved the way for Turko-Persian culture in Afghanistan

ZARA Fast Fashion Case

3953 words - 16 pages market.•In some areas where direct foreign ownership was forbidden Zara tended to use franchises as Zara consider these market as risky and subject to significant culture differences.2.1.6 Natural environment•Zara depend on long-term tie with supplier out side Europe like Asia to resource the price-sensitive items since production in Europe was 15%-20% more expensive while most fashionable items were produced locally under contract to reduce

Issues to consider when developing an international project

1151 words - 5 pages should be considered before entering overseas markets.Culture would have to be one of the most obvious distinctions across borders. Hofstede (1988) defines culture as "the collective programming of the mind". Managers can sub-group this cultural difference into attitudes, beliefs and values, aesthetics and dietary preferences. Attitudes differ from country to country and this affects the way consumers in foreign countries react to certain

Work Centrality and Hofstede's four dimensions

754 words - 3 pages to balance out the pragmatic and aesthetics of an occupation. They value work as a sign of prestige along with the Germans, who are much more highly work oriented.2) What are the implications for motivation of Hofstede's research findings on the dimensions of power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, and masculinity?High-power distance suggest motivators in the relationships between subordinates and their boss, whereas low power

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2544 words - 10 pages discussing a work of art does not guarantee that we are also discussing aesthetics the two are not equivalent. Not all works of art necessarily create an aesthetic experience, for example when we look at a painting to determine how much we can sell it for. Just think how we beautify things in our mind and this aesthetic design sense should require achieving interactive designs. Aesthetics is basically related to culture, which is specific culture

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1229 words - 5 pages Comparing Roman and Greek Art Throughout history art has consistently reflected the cultural values and social structures of individual civilizations. Ancient art serves as a useful tool to help historians decipher some important aspects of ancient culture. From art we can determine the basic moral and philosophical beliefs of many ancient societies. The differences in arts purpose in Greece and Rome, for example, show us the

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754 words - 3 pages . This might have reduced some of the issues that have arisen concerning the authors and with Asia Digital Publishing. Additionally, H-K needs to focus on the internal culture in order for this project to be a success. "The benefits for any organization are obvious - a positive working culture fosters creativity, motivation, attendance, productivity and much more" (Winbolt, 2005). "A simple explanation of organizational culture is that it

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2226 words - 9 pages diverse it is imperative that it removes all traces of ethnocentricity. Ethnocentrism is the belief that one’s culture is more superior to all other cultures (Executive, 2011, p. 554). With ethnocentrism lie many tentacles that touch sensitive topics such as religion, cultural events, differing calendars, celebrations, aesthetics, education, views on materialism, language, customs, social institutions, and politics (Executive, 2011, p. 563). It