China: Environmental Issues And Mitigation Strategies

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ChinaThe purpose of this paper is to look at some of China's environmental problems and mitigation strategies that could possibly assist them. Rapid industrialization and social change have raised the standard of living for millions of Chinese people. Because of this higher standard of living China faces many critical issues pertaining to their environment. Some major contributing factors are overpopulation, air pollution, deforestation and water pollution. If this country does not get a hold on these issues, more deaths will occur and more natural disaster will become challenging issue for their country that could put a strain on the entire world.OverpopulationChina's over population has made the environment extremely hazardous to the health and well-being of Asia's culture. A country with 1,311,709,000 people, it has put a strain on the environment and has made it a global issue. The predominant factor within China's environmental problems is the accelerated birth rate. This issue makes the country work harder to support the massive amount of people living there. Overpopulation results in overcrowding, which almost always results in ecological problems.China has put a demand on the use of birth control to try to get the number of Asian birth rates under control. Doing so should help solve many problems associated with environmental concerns. The government has also implemented a strict family planning law that only allows one birth per family. The problem with this law is that it is only implemented in large cities.Education is the key to help men and women understand the importance of family planning. Schools should teach on population-related topics, so that the younger generation will grow up with a better understanding and awareness of family planning programs. Family planning should be made a part of all policies formulated by the state. The government should develop effective strategies to spread general awareness among the masses through the media. The government should also increase the minimum legal age for marital status. Instead of enforcing emergency plans like the one-child law, the government needs to develop some long-term strategies that are more people friendly.Air PollutionSome major sources of pollution in large cities like China are power plants and vehicle emissions. There is a huge demand on power plants for electricity used in businesses and households that is creating more air pollution. Increasing problems associated with industrial growth threaten the health of Chinese households. Vehicle emissions are also putting a huge strain on the environment. Dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides create even more issues with smog and the ozone, and the problem is continually growing at a rapid rate.Coal, power plants, and motor vehicle use have created devastating affects to human life in China. More rapid premature deaths have been associated with these major pollutants than any other known illness. According...

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