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China's Environmental Problems Essay

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China has many critical issues on their hands when it comes to their environment. Some major contributing factors are, over population, air pollution, and deforestation. Rapid industrialization and social change have raised the standard of living for millions of its people. If this country does not get a hold on these issues, more deaths will occur and more natural disaster will become challenging issue for their country that could put a strain on the entire world.China's over population and growth has made the environment extremely hazardous to the health and well being of Asia's culture. A country with 1,311,709,000 people, it has put a strain on their environment and has made it a global issue. The predominant factor within China's environmental problems is the accelerated birth rate. This issue makes the country work harder to support the massive amount of people. More people means more air pollution; doubling the demand for energy and natural resources. Overcrowding almost always results in the ecological problems China is facing. Sadly, not only have people created many of the earth's existing environmental struggles, like pollution, but also, they become the victims of it as well. Though many do not realize it, the environment plays a huge role in society.The country has put a demand on the use of birth control to try to get a hold on the number of Asian birth rates; doing so will help solve many problems associated with China's environmental problems. The government has also implemented strict family planning laws; allowing one birth per family. There still remains a problem because this law is only implemented in large cities. But because the government did not implement these laws sooner, it has caused overpopulation to be of major concern, now and in the future.Some other major sources of pollution in large cities like China are power plants and vehicle emissions. There is a huge demand on power plants for its use in businesses and households that is creating more air pollution problems. Increasingly severe problems associated with industrial growth threaten the health of Chinese households throughout Asia. Vehicle emissions is also putting a huge strain on the environment, dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides is help creating more issues to the smog and ozone, and the problem is continually growing at a rapid rate.Coal burning is one of the major sources of China's sulfur dioxide emissions and accounts for more than three quarters of the country's commercial energy needs, compared with 17 percent in Japan and a world average of 27 percent. World Resource Institute (1998). Coal is the major fossil fuel that emits the most carbon dioxide and pollution over oil and gas. Continuing to use coal as the major resource will eventually change the atmosphere and cause catastrophic climate change. Climate change is the most threatening of all, due to the fact; it will affect almost everything in life.China's industry accounts...

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