Asian Cultural Diversity And Health Care

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The Asian culture on health care is very interesting and different from western medicine. It is not just drawing blood and finding too many white body blood cells in the blood stream therefore saying there is an impurity. Asian health is more about balance of the body’s mechanics. They believe the mind and body work together, in synchronization in a balanced state. They use a practice called yin and yang, which is hot and cold. The use of plants for treatment of illness is common practice in Asian culture. Good nutrition plays a big part in their health. A diet of mainly fish and vegetables is the healthy choice in the culture. Some of the practices for therapy include acupuncture and coin rolling.
Acupuncture focuses on pressure points on the body and stimulates natural healing to balance the body. The practice of acupuncture covers 306 fixed points of the body. The practitioner uses nine needles placed in specific point on the body to release yin (cold) or yang (heat) and create a balance between the two. The treatment can range from cancer, arthritis, or the common cold, but is mainly used for treatment of pain relief. There is also qi and chi ( and is the flow of energy throughout the body which is something like yin and yang. It is all about a balance in the body for healing and good health. Too much of either will create a disturbance in the energy flow in the body and will require treatment of the use of yin and yang principles.

Another practice in medicine in Asian culture is coining. This practice is more customary in the Chinese culture. Coining is widely practiced by Southeast Asians, such as the Thai and Lao. Because coining leaves physical marks, some patients are sometimes mistaken for physical abuse. Due to concerns about abuse in many Western cultures, this has led to cultural confusion at times. Coining begins with a massage using oil that is mixed with essential oils. Some of the oils include eucalyptus and peppermint. Practitioners use warming ointments like menthol. The goal of the oil is to stimulate the skin slightly, warming it up for the next stage of the treatment. The massage brings the patient into a state of relaxation so that the next part of the treatment will be more effective. The coining treatment continues as a coin is repeatedly brushed against an area of the skin in long flowing moves, which always move away from the chest area. Blood begins to surface to the skin and will leave a mark that resembles a bruise. The most common areas of treatment are the back and ribs. The marks on the body dissipate after a few days. Coining is designed to bring equilibrium to the body. “Cao Gio is translated as catch the wind,” and it is used to remove excess wind in the body. ( Wind illness is believed to contribute to high temperatures, body aches and chills. If the imbalance is...

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