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As human beings, we enjoy an assortment of activities such as reading a novel or watching a movie. There are so many types of composition out there for people to choose from but some are not as interesting as others. I am the visual type who enjoys looking at pictures and watching films instead of reading blogs or forums with a lot of text. My parents are similar, as they spend the majority of their time watching television than reading books. From my parents, I was able to discover the composition of Asian dramas, which I now enjoy watching during my free time. Asian dramas are similar to a mini-series, in the way that they usually consist of about twenty episodes. They are much shorter ...view middle of the document...

Because of their background and ability to create an invigorating storyline, I take extreme joy in watching dramas during my free time.
Asian dramas are produced in their respective countries. From watching the dramas, I was able to get an idea of the similarities and differences between culture and society among each countries. These elements were depicted within the dramas. For Korean dramas, it is rare to see any explicit scenes, as society in Korea is conservative. The majority of women are presented as innocent and well-mannered with the same to be said for the men. This is why Korean dramas are known for romantic, innocent dramas. The cheesy dramas. In Taiwanese/Hong Kong dramas, it is usual to see sexual scenes as society in this country is more open up with these sorts of acts. The majority of these dramas produced, deal with everyday crimes in the city or are medical-type dramas. My parents generally watch Hong Kong dramas because they are relatable and realistic to their age group rather than Korean dramas. In Japanese dramas, the majority of them are fantasy-like dramas because many of them are based off of a manga. The Japanese drama, Absolute Boyfriend, was about a company worker, Izawa Riko, who was chosen to be the lover of a perfect male humanoid programmed to be devoted and completely loyal to his lover. She slowly falls in love with the robot but at the same time, a distinguished, young director also develops feelings for her. These sort of fiction like dramas are commonly produced in Japan. Furthermore, Asian dramas differ greatly from American TV shows, where swearing and sex scenes are not allowed on major broadcasting channels for the public. From the dramas, I was able to generalize how society in each country is reflected. Japan, an innovative country, comes up with unprecedented plots while Korean, a more reserved country, comes up with innocent love plots.
The bulk of the population finds dramas to be entertaining, yet un-educational. However, they have taught me a lot about the culture in these different countries. Obviously each country differs greatly from one another. The lifestyle and beliefs vary from culture to culture, which makes it very interesting to learn about. Since I am Chinese, but was born and raised in America, it is fascinating to see how Koreans greet each other with a bow and how the Japanese would say “Itadakimasu,” which means “I gratefully receive,” before a meal. Manners are extremely important in Asian countries. I know that from experience as my parents would scold me if I did not greet my older cousins and relatives whenever I see them. However, manners are seen differently in America. I feel that parents do not stress the importance of greeting one’s elder as greatly in Asian cultures. Additionally, in Asian cultures, it is less about the individual and more towards family compared to western culture. In dramas, family plays a greater role in some of the problems that occurs, while in...

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