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Asian Influence Essay

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Asian Influence INTRODUCTION Asians started to come to the United States in the early 1840s (Chan 3). They had an immediate impact on America's economy. The Asians worked on farms growing and harvesting the crops that were later sold to Americans. Although Asians was part of America's workforce, the white Americans looked down on them. They were on the same boat as the Blacks, Indians, and Mexicans; they were not on the same level as the whites. The relationship among the different nationalities is much better than it was in the past. Asians today are still making an impact on America, just like in the early days when Asians came to the United States to work. There has been much Asian influence on American culture. The meaning of culture is: the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group. Some Americans cultures that have been influenced by Asians are religion, entertainment, hobbies, food, and fashion.RELIGION In the past decade, its been notice that Zen Buddhism has been a topic of beliefs among the well known celebrities such as Steven Sigeal and Phil Jackson. Zen Buddhism is a peaceful religion. Buddhist lives their lives with compassion and cares for others (Buddhanet, 2002). Steven Seagal, a well-knowned actor practices Buddhism. Amazingly, he is said to be a reincarntated Buddhist based on the article Tinseltown Tuklu. The article gives the meaning of a Tuklu is " is a person who has been recognized, usually after passing certain tests or answering certain questions, as the reincarnation of an earlier personage, most often an important teacher." Penor Rinpoche, the Supreme Head of a Tibetan Buddhism school believes that Chungdrag Dorje, a 17th century Tibetan Lama, is reincarnated as Steven (About, 2002). Phil Jackson, the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, is another a well known person that practices Zen Buddhism. Phils practice of Buddhism can be traced back to when he was coaching the New Jersey Nets in 1980. He combines his learnings of the religion and combines it with his coaching methods (About, 2002).ENTERTAINMENT There has been much influence American entertainment. On the current TV show on the WB Network called Off Centre, there is a setting in a Vietnamese restaurant where Chau, played by John Cho works at. Many of the scens takes place in this restaurant. It is similar to the Coffee Shop in the show Friends where the characters hang out. John Cho is a Korean American that got into acting when he was enrolled at the University of California, Berkley. One of his more well known role was his role in American Pie, and American Pie 2. He was known as the asian guy that was saying 'MILF' in American Pie (WB, 2002). Japanese cartoons, called Anime have been a big hit among the youth of America. There have been revenues of $60 million that arises of the sales of Anime in the United States. It was very difficult to purchase anime videos in the past...

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