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Mortal Kombat, a one versus one American video game, developed by NetherRealm Studios as a whole seems to have much influence from the one versus one video game series Street Fighter made by Capcom, a Japanese video game developer. This influence is especially seen in the development of the characters of Mortal Kombat, The character Kitana (Figure 2) from Mortal Kombat displays much influence from Street Fighter’s Chun Li (Figure 1), from colors to a spin off of her clothing. Chun Li (Figure 1) has exaggerated proportions of her body that please the eye as well as Kitana (Figure 2).
Street Fighter’s popularity and success was great, and after releasing Street Fighter II ––where Chun Li (Figure 1) made her first appearance–– it was even greater. Mortal Kombat was not as popular as Street Fighter and their creation of the second Mortal Kombat with the addition of a playable female character Kitana (Figure 2), was greatly influenced by Chun Li (Figure 1). Kitana’s (Figure 2) creation with such influence from Chun Li (Figure 2) was probably to also bring the influence of a successful video game. By creating a similar character as Chun Li (Figure 1) it also gave interest to the Street Fighter fans. In adopting this influence, NetherRealm Studios accepted that the female addition to the fighting game was a smart idea and that the Asian fighting video games had became a success.
Chun Li (Figure 1) is a female character from the video game series Street Fighter depicted with a very young and pleasing appearence. Chun Li( Figure 1) was the first playable female character in the video game series of Street Fighter by Capcom; making her first appearence in Street Fighter II. Although this piece was created by Japanese artists, she is meant to be a Chinese character as is seen by her qipao, a traditional Chinese dress, although with a slight modification in the slits, which are longer than average. It is embroidered with gold accents and has a floral look to it at the end of the sleeves. Apart from the qipao, white combat boots and brown pantyhose are also part of her wardrobe. Chun Li (Figure 1) has a very delicate face with a fierce expression shown with her eye brows, she has a feminine body with pale skin; nevertheless she is depicted as a strong woman. Her legs and arms display the strength she possesses with her muscles and the spiked cuff bracelets around her wrists give the notion she is ready for combat. Her brown hair is in a style popular amongst China, “ox horns,” and gives her an authentic Chinese appearance.
Released in 1933 in the second game; Mortal Kombat’s Kitana (Figure 2) is a young-looking female character with an hourglass body shape and toned arms, abdomen, and legs. This characters face expression is intense from her brown eyes and angled eyebrows, the bottom part of her face is covered by what seems to be a blue silk mask. Kitana’s (Figure 2) wardrobe consists oh high rising blue boots with silver accenting...

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