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Asian Institute Of Technology Essay

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Asian Institute of Technology
Manfield Coatings Company Limited was founded in 1986 to provide high
quality customized paint and pretreatment products supported by
on-site technical services to industrial manufacturers whose
end-customers are mainly in Europe and USA. To cope with the heavy
demand amounting to over 1000 tons per month, it utilizes a
purpose-built factory in Songgang, Shenzhen which features 25,000 sq m
of land, 24,000 sq m of floor space and a work force of over 600 to
provide efficient service to its customers. The company is well known
for adopting best practices in production. It is planning for rapid
expansions in Shenzhen, Tianjin and Shanghai in the coming years.

Its customers appreciate that the products and service enhances their
competitiveness which in turn leads to the rapid growth of the
company. To cope with heavy demand amounting to over 1000 tons per
month a purpose-built factory in Shenzhen has been utilized, which
features 25,000 sq m of land, 24,000 sq m of floor space and a work
force of over 600 to provide adequate service to our customers.

The center piece of its service strategy is 'prompt & reliable' which
effectively caters to the special need of the industries it serves
such as toys, motor-cycles, bicycles, audio equipment, domestic
appliances, electrical appliances, lamps, clocks, candles, can
coaters, powder coaters etc.

To be "prompt", the company successfully set up a system which enables
daily production of over 280 customized products and 160 color samples
with a typical delivery time of two to three days. Moreover, a
pre-conceived spare capacity allows them to take care of urgent orders
whereby our customers occasionally demand prompt delivery in the same
day! On-site technical service can also be provided within the same
working day.

To be "reliable", they have installed an effective TQM system. In
addition to ISO9001 compliance which was certified by TUV Product
Services Gmbh, they test and approve every single batch, keep a
retained sample, check the heavy metal content of every incoming
pigment, internal audit, external audit, improve continuously through
QCC, apply appropriate statistics etc.

Its maintenance of consistently high quality standard is recognized
through the award of Q-mark by Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the
Certificate of Merit in Quality by the Hong Kong Industry Department,
and Productivity Award by the Hong Kong Productivity Council. Its
Managing Director, Mr. Yuen Shu Wah, is an awardee of the "Young
Industrialists Award of Hong Kong" in 1995.

It is equipped with a fully integrated MIS system and advanced
equipment such as atomic absorption spectroscopes, color computer,
portable color tester, accelerated weathering tester, gloss meters,
haze meter, abrasion...

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