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Asian Philosophies Essay

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Buddhism similar to Hinduism is also considered a philosophy and a religion, practices of this religion are based on the teachings of Buddha. Siddhartha Gautama is the first person that practiced Buddhism and is known as Buddha, he lived in between the 6th and 4th centuries BE in the Indian subcontinent and taught the practices to many students, including the eightfold path. Through these practices and understandings that were given to the students it was split into sub cultures very similar to Christianity, in the way they all practice the same religion they just differ slightly from each other. The first Theravada Buddhism is the oldest surviving branch of the religion; literally meaning “the Teaching of the Elders” it is passed down through generation. Being rather conservative it is closer to early Buddhism than other branches. Mahayana the second of the two biggest braches literally means “Great Vehicle” has ...view middle of the document...

At first when I heard this statement I was confused as to how birth could be suffering. The only form of suffering I could think of in birth is the physical suffering from the mother and infant. Then after further looking into it I realized that in the Buddhist religion, suffering occurs in birth in the way that the process is starting at one and eventually one will pass away, and eventually be reborn. According to Kohler, the deepest meaning of Duhkha is the inability to live well when at odds with the truth of interdependent arising. Although a little cloudy when first looking into the Duhkha I took this away the most out of every other concept because of its deep meaning and the way I can relate to it.
The thing that confused me most about the Buddhist practices, would have to be the idea of reincarnation. When I think of reincarnation I think after death a person being put into a different lifeform. Like Hinduism I thought that reincarnation was more based on karma and how well you lived in the past life determining how you move in he cycle, up or down. In Buddhism they practices think that if you are hungry for more such as power or money then you are not living your life unattached so you ae existing in the world of a “beast”. You are still reincarnated into a next life but in Buddhism it is connected like a candle of a flame. Meaning you are reincarnated not a whole new state but the light keeps burning into the next life. This is confusing part of the section for me.
One thing I agree with in Buddhism is part of the four noble truths, the eightfold noble path. This in Buddhism is the path to life, separated into three sections, wisdom, moral conflict, and mental discipline. I agree with almost all of the eightvales, you must live your life in a positive way. Buddhism seems to me to be a peaceful religion, which I like. I don’t believe in living your life in anger or in a negative way. You must focus on your path to be a “good person” under this religion. In the Right effort section of the eight paths it states one must require discipline to live as a good Buddhist and I believe this can be translated into almost every religion and walk of life.

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