Asian Styled Restaurant: Strategies To Take Tea Café To The Next Level Of Business

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TEA Café is an Asian-styled restaurant located in Norman, Oklahoma. TEA Café is very unique to Norman and almost every Norman resident has experienced TEA Café. Ask any resident or student and they will brag about how good TEA Café is. However, TEA Café is currently not tapping into the student population here at the University of Oklahoma, thus missing out on an enormous audience.

The purpose of this report is to provide realistic and achievable strategies to take TEA Café to the next level of business. Below I will reveal and explain the benefits of sponsoring and supporting events and programs at the University of Oklahoma. My recommendations are from my own research and experiences as well as personal interviews with campus leaders and local business owners.

TEA Café was first brought to Campus Corner in 2005 with the idea of bringing a quality Asian-styled cuisine closer to the University of Oklahoma. TEA Café’s location on Campus Corner is an astonishing asset to the company. The purpose of Campus Corner is to be close to the University of Oklahoma and closer to the student body. Another block down and customers would not realize it was even there; if it were closer to Boyd Street it would be an inconvenience to patrons. Thus, giving TEA Café one of the most optimal locations on Campus Corner. TEA Café was quick to recognize the benefits of being closer to the student population that the University of Oklahoma has to offer. However, TEA Café has not yet fully utilized their location which is their main asset.

Right now, TEA Café has the opportunity to become a stronger and more valuable business and impact the community at the same time. TEA Café has the opportunity to leave a legacy at not only the University but the community as well. Creating a culture in the community is both beneficial to a company’s perception and most importantly profits. The basis of just putting your name out there is guaranteed to bring in customers, especially if they can recognize you with a good cause. Companies like Nike, Google, and Apple are already doing this and leading the future in business development. According to Nike, “It’s not just about getting better at what we do, it’s about striving for the best, creating value for the business and innovating for a better world” (Nike, 2011). Nike clearly demonstrates that they are more than just a shoe company; that they have a vision and ambitions to impact the world around them. Nike is currently reaching revenues of 24 million dollars and this number is growing every single year. TEA Café should try to emulate

Clearly there is something to pick up here and TEA Café needs to take full advantage of the opportunity at hand.

First, TEA Café needs to utilize the student body. There are several ways to spread TEA Café’s influence amongst the student body; it all starts with...

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