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Asians Represented In The Media Essay

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The society regulates itself on the delusional basis of Asians represented in the media. After conducting a considerable amount of research on how Asians are portrayed for the public eye to see, it's been astonishingly evident to me that the portrayals of Asians are set within specific boundaries that lead people astray. The majority of Asians in the media run on stereotypes that cause a negative impact on not only the race, but the society as well.
In Hollywood, media consists of Asians that run on stereotypical characteristics. They're commonly found with small eyes, black hair, buns, bowl cuts, pigtails, etc. The Asian "image" used in nearly all of Hollywood productions are what the society undoubtedly classifies every Asian with and those specific features are used to distinguish Asians from the rest, what the society recognizes them as. They're often associated with minds of superior knowledge, especially in math, who are always in control. Asians are frequently starred in productions involving forms of fighting that are derived from Asia, because apparently we're all monks, warriors, samurais, or ninjas of some sort that mastered kung fu, karate, martial arts, etc. They're also affiliated with a rich, educated background and are advertised as the "goody two-shoes" character with a naïve mind. Asians are mostly shown as "loners" who are secluded introverts. Since Asians aren't considered at utmost importance, they rarely get recruited as the main protagonist lead.
Despite all that, there are also some gender issues occurring. The genders of Asians are portrayed differently because some stereotypes are gender-specific. One example for men is that they're shown as people who can't communicate with women properly or have little to no experience with them. With women, they're made out to have small or no breasts. In addition, the men tend to be dressed in geeky or preppy clothing, whereas the women have either a more revealing or...

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