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Asignment 2 Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: SCHIZOPHRENIA IN THE MOVIES 1"A Beautiful Mind"Jennifer AjamPsy 3540 AbnormalKean UniversityMay 5th, 2014Schizophrenia 2The movie "A Beautiful Mind" is somewhat of a fictionalized account about a man named John Forbes Nash, who is portrayed by actor Russell Crowe. John Forbes Nash is a mathematician genius and a Nobel Prize winner, who is living with schizophrenia, (a mental illness). John Nash was extraordinary on how he worked with numbers, as his discoveries have affected everyone in the world, "yet at the same time he also believed that the Russians were sending him coded messages through the front pages of the New York Times" (John Forbes Nash, Internet). I believe that "A Beautiful Mind" illustrates many of the topics relating to psychological disorders.Nash's first hallucination was in his college dorm room when his drunken roommate Charles appears. Charles acts as a mentor to Nash by making him realize that work and studies are not the only things life has to offer. Throughout his life, Nash has been a "loner", and Charles pushes Nash to go out with friends and have "respect for beer." It is then, when his mind relaxes that he is able to come up with his ultimate goal, an original idea, and set himself apart from the rest of his classmates.When Nash is recognized for his achievements, he is given the facilities at M.I.T. In Nash's new position he is given a class to teach in addition to his personal research. Nash eventually finds himself as a highly respected code breaker and does confidential work for the Pentagon and Wheeler Defense Laboratories. Around the same time he finds the love of his life (Alicia) in the class he teaches. Although his stressful job interferes with this relationship, Nash and Alicia decide to stay together. As the relationship progresses, so does Nash's disease and hisSchizophrenia 3 Schizophrenia 3 delusions. "His second hallucination is a man who he refers to as "Big Brother", a.k.a. William Parcher" (A beautiful Mind, movie). Nash's antisocial behavior makes him seem somewhat strange and distant in the beginning until people around him realize that he is mentally disturbed. His symptoms include paranoid delusions, grandiosity, and disturbed perceptions. The disease disrupts his social relationships, his studies, and his work.Nash's antisocial behavior makes him seem somewhat strange and distant in the beginning until people around him realize that he is mentally disturbed. His symptoms include paranoid delusions, grandiosity, and disturbed perceptions. The disease disrupts his social relationships, his studies, and his work. However, I felt that John Nash's antisocial behavior was obvious from the very beginning of the movie where he is seen seated alone and not speaking to anyone. As the movie progresses he is rarely seen socializing with people other than his roommate who he confides in and to whom he states prophetically that "the truth is I don't like people much, and they don't much like...

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