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Request For Proposal Process Essay

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Procurement of services or products, or both, to support project operations is a necessity. Without procurement services, failure is unavoidable. At the heart of the procurement process is the request for proposal (RFP). According to Charles Huston's book, Management of Project Procurement (1996), an RFP is "the package that identifies the buyer's requirements for the procurement of goods and services" (p. 15). This paper will briefly describe the process to create an RFP.The first step in the RFP process is to define what is to be provided by the contractor. A thorough review of the project at a broad level is conducted to determine what product or services the organization, the owner, will provide and what will be outsourced. The organization must consider which internal resources will be applied to the project with minimal to no impact on current projects. Allocating too much of the organization's resources will put the project, and other ongoing projects, in a risky position that could have been avoided. Two primary considerations drive the decision to outsource: does the organization already possess the capability to perform the service in house; and, does the organization have the required trained workforce needed to completer the project?Once the organization has determined which services will be procured from outside the determined, the technical and management requirements need to be detailed. These requirements must be explicitly detailed so that they can not be misconstrued or misunderstood. From these requirements the bidding organizations will determine if the project is feasible for them and assist in developing accurate estimates. Management requirements include programmatic areas such as management of project cost, schedule and quality. Technical requirements, also known as specifications, are broken into two major categories: detailed design specifications and performance specifications.Detailed specifications are used when the product requested product has been through the design process and the designs are provided to the contractor to build to. For example, if a new contractor has been hired to replace a previous company that provided accessory parts for an existing product, the contracting company would provide the new organization the detail design specifications. By doing so, the contracting company will save money by not requiring development of new parts, reduce down time until new parts are available, and ensures that a suitable product remains available.Performance specifications are used when the product has not been fully designed and only the desired "performance" criteria are known. The supplier must develop the detailed design specifications to meet the performance criteria set forth in the RFP. The downside is that the scope of the project is not known and is ultimately provided by the contracted company and involves a greater amount of risk due to elevated chances of misinterpreting the specification.The next in...

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