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Growing up adolescents go through a lot of changes and most of these changes affect their experience in middle school and high school. A student with a lot of acne will usually not have as good of an experience as one with perfect skin or a student who has pigeon toed does not have the same balance as one who is not so in turn they do not have the same opportunities in school. For me it was when I got my period, which was in fifth grade, no one else had gotten their yet or knew what a period was. This paper will talk about how getting my period early affected me in school, how it affects me now, and what research has to say about early periods.
Then Social Development
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When a girl gets her period their body goes through a lot of changes; she usually gains more weight and other pubertal physical developments start. For many adolescent girls the idea of an ideal body is what they think will make them popular for both boys and girls; and getting their period moves them for their ideal body. Many studies show that early maturing girls tend to be less popular with their peers, have a negative body image, and are more likely to be depressed (McCade & Ricciardelli, 2004). In this study done by McCade and Ricciardelli proves that early maturing girls have body dissatisfactions and usually are involved in methods of dramatic weight loss, whether that is unhealthy exercising, dieting, or using food supplements.
I find this all very interesting because while I fall under early maturing girls I do not feel like I ever had any of those outcomes. I did not become “less popular” because I got my period, I don’t know if this is because I did not let anyone know I was on my period or if it had anything to do with that I went to a really small school. Even when my best friend knew that I had started my period it did not change her friendship to me. I also never had a negative body imagine of myself because I was always very skinny, even all the way up to high school. So since I was not viewing my body negative I never used those methods of dramatic weight loss and I was never depressed.
Later Social Development
While I was not depressed I was embarrassed about it, soon it become that everyone was getting them, so one would think I would become less embarrassed about having my period. However all through out middle school and high...

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