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Aspects Of Friendship Throughout Different Stages Of Life

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Aspects of Friendship in College
Transition from High School to College
College offers a new setting in which young adults can try different activities and identities and form new interests and friendships (Oswald & Clark, 2003). Almost all college students in Oswald and Clark’s (2003) research reported finding a new ‘closest’ friend during the first month of college. Many high school students are leaving home for the first time and their friends are going in opposite directions from them. This causes a strain on these friendships they experience many changes during the first year of college. By the end of the first year, about half of high school friendships drop down to either close or ...view middle of the document...

College is a unique opportunity to break the cycle of segregation that permeates U.S. society. Students who attend a more diverse establishment increase their likelihood of creating more diverse friendships. Also, students who had more diverse friendships in high school are significantly more likely to have at least one out-group friend in college (Fischer, 2008). Even though some students may not benefit from a diverse institution, the university setting implements a rare opportunity in which to diminish the cycle of discrimination in America (Park, 2012).
Aspects of Friendship in Adults
Workplace Friendships
Workplace friendships provide others with emotional and instrumental support (Sias, Pedersen, Gallagher, & Kopaneva, 2012). Proximity, personality, similarity, socializing and shared tasks are important for initiating a workplace friendship. These factors improve friendship initiation by providing opportunities for employees to connect with one another and these interactions allow employees to get to know one another based on their personality, backgrounds and interests. Once there are workplace friendships, each other becomes a ‘watch dog’ for the other by sharing information that happens around the organization.
Gender affects the relationships of adults in similar ways to which it affected children, adolescents and college students. Women value self-disclosure, gestures of support and closeness in their relationships while men value external activities and interests (King & Terrance, 2008). Men are expected to disregard tension and strain in a relationship, whereas women sense it and try to fix the problem. Women tend to find their friendships to be stronger, emotionally satisfying, rewarding, permanent, and easy to maintain when compared to men.
Senior Adults
Friends provide social support for senior adults (Jones & Vaughan, 1990). As they grow older, senior adults often lose friends to death and migration (Hogg & Heller, 1990). Friendship contributes to their psychological well-being by having supportive exchanges between friends who express mutual liking (Jones &...

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