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Aspects Of My Persona Essay

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In The Power of Writing by Joel Swerdlow, we are introduced to the definition of the word “writing”, its history, context and evolution over time. Writing is considered to be one of the most important forms of communication we possess. From books, to newspapers, birth certificates, to healthcare records, writing provides us with vital information that can be used endlessly. Swerdlow makes a flawless connection between writing, to one’s personal identity. To his understanding what we express in a piece of paper, is part of our individuality, creativity and part of our imagination. Personally I consider myself an enthusiastic writer, who enjoys writing about my family genealogy, living ...view middle of the document...

Consistent with Swerdlow, writing is a tool that permits communication with future generations “This transition from the spoken to the written word occurred because writing meets certain need so much more effectively. Writing permits analysis, precision and communication with future generation in a way not possible via the spoken word” (37). Subsequently identity is not the only tool we use to express our ideas, sometimes we need to become creative to write what’s in our mind.
Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules patterns, and relationships and to create meaningful new ideas, forms methods and interpretations. To be creative, an individual has to set aside their preconception and be open to newer concepts. When I write poetry, I often use my creativity to express my philosophies. In my opinion I believe poetry is the voice of the heart that is often misunderstood. When writing poetry, I often speak from the heart, and aim to touch the readers heart. As stated by Swerdlow writing has the power to move hearts and minds “From its beginning as recordkeeper to its transformation into one of humanity’s most potent form of artistic and political expression, writing reveals the power of innovation. But the story of Wei proclaims writings greatest power-its ability to move hearts and minds” (32). In effect writing is powerful instruments that help us express...

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