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For a business to improve and meet the expected results it should be well organized. In order to totally outdo rivals in a business there is need to come up with solid competencies and competitive methods in a very superior and tactic fashion which the rival companies will find hard to break through (Gamble and Thompson, 2009). Taking Sony Electronics Company, there should be a good organization pattern in the company so as to achieve high production with encouraging outputs. The main objective of the Sony Company is to express freedom to the employees and assist them in achieving their potential through good work motivation. This is the idea that Sony Company has put in place in order to defeat its competitors like; Panasonic, Microsoft, Samsung and LG. The paper focuses on the methods that Sony Company has put in place for the purpose of getting a good business organization to achieve the expected goals.
Execution-related aspects of organizing the Sony Electronic Company
In the process of executing a good organization strategy, there is need to have some rules which should be analyzed so as to effectively come up with the expected plan. The first thing is to look behind and examine the previous organization program and identify the loop holes which should be filled with the current chart. The Sony Electronic Company is divided into various product groups namely: video equipment, audio equipment, television, among others. Since each of these groups also produces many other products which make it difficult for the whole enterprise to manage, each group is registered as a sole company with its own organization structure (Sharma, 1995).

Division of Labor
The company has created an eight-company structure where each company is headed by different department on the main company and allocated specific commodities to manufacture and market. This would increase the financial performance due to job specialization as every company would cater for its product and ensure greater sales so as to acquire the best remarks from the mother company.
Unity of command
The organization structure was to follow this order. On top there is a team of chairman and chief executive officer, followed by the vice-chairman, then the president and the chief operating officer and lastly the chief officers and the presidents of...

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