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Aspects Of Pi In Richard Parker Life Of Pi

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Aspects of Pi in Richard Parker:

Humans often see themselves as having split personalities to a degree, be it when they're angry or calm, happy or sad, or drunk and sober. They may have different views of which of these personalities are better, which may be 'evil,' but they exist in almost . In the novel The Life of Pi by Yann Martell we see Piscene Patell (Pi) has allowed for this other personality become personified as a tiger on his lifeboat, which he calls Richard Parker. This persona is one of necessity, and the main conflict of the story is Pi trying to tame this side of himself, while still surviving on the hostile environment.

On the lifeboat, Pi is exposed to situations in which most men would die, and almost all would have to sacrifice some of their morals and beliefs. Pi is not immune to this, and although he does survive, he does so through allowing a hitherto unseen part of him come free. This part of him is evident in when he eats meat (That part of him even craves it, as we see when they have their conversation about food,) is willing to kill someone, and then even resort to cannibalism. Before this point we are shown Pi as someone who is deeply spiritual, respects all living things deeply, is a vegetarian, and is innocent. The Richard Parker in Pi obviously does not show itself right away as he allows the Hyena (Frenchman) to kill the Zebra (Wounded sailor), and even the Orangutan (His mother) before interceding and fighting him. It was apparently the death of his mother which allowed this hidden persona to break free and temporarily take control of the then fearful boy....

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