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With Asperger’s disorder (AD), there is a disruption in the formation of the child’s physical and or psychological development. The various child disorders were separated in 1944, to provide a basis for each child to get the proper care. For children with Asperger’s disorder, the areas that are affected are the ability to communicate, the imagination, and the ability to connect with others. Usually the child will have normal communication skills in the beginning years. They will be using single words by age one. They just will not be using them in the normal way. When a doctor is testing for this disorder, she is looking for specific behaviors or skills that are either present or lacking. All children with Aspergers will show some traits in these three categories, and with the right level of support, all of them have the ability to improve. If the right services are available, Asperser’s children will show significant improvement in language skills, reasonable social skills, and they will be able to maintain grade level. Since children with this disorder are of equal or above aptitude and intelligence, they don’t usually get diagnosed until school age, even though the early signs have been present since they were three. Some parents notice “quirky behavior, awkward motor skills, repetitive behavior or difficulty relating to others” in the early stages of development. (Exkorn, 2005) These observations are rarely understood and most parents do not find them alarming enough to request professional advice.
Early diagnosis, assistance of educators and the support of the family are the three keys to helping a child with Aspergers. The advantage of receiving an early diagnosis is that the child will receive the additional support in his formative years. This is important because the brain is still developing so it is easier to adapt to changes, and because the behavior patterns have not been fully engrained in the child’s personality (Baker, 2010). According to the autism-society web page when a child receives a diagnosis early and begins to receive therapy, their chances of improvement are very good. When the diagnosis is given early, the family and children have time to cope with the problem and the school has time to learn how to best educate the child. Many experts[???] feel with early diagnosis and therapy, the child will have the opportunity to develop normal social skills. Educators provide key support for children with Asperger’s once they are informed about the child’s needs (Kluth, 2003).
Educators (Stoddart, 2004) are aware that curriculum and social education are connected. While educators are thinking about the changes that the Asperger’s child need, they need to think about three key areas at school; social, academic and physical. Strosnider, et al., (1997) enacted the “The Academic, Physical and Interpersonal Inclusion Plan (API Inclusion Plan).” This plan supports the educator in brainstorming strategies that...

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