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Aspirations For Peace In The Future

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September eleventh was a day that never seemed to end. Hope had failed and love was lost, while evil stormed through the streets of America. It was a day in which loved ones, friends, co-workers, and security disappeared. Although the day was filled with paranoia and hatred, people found peace through performing heroic actions and looking up to a higher good. On this dark day in September, America stood up and said "no" to terror, even when terror stared straight into the nation's face. America cried as one, never yielding, never giving in, and never losing faith. All of America's other problems seamed irrelevant: there were no partisan politics, no black or white race, no right or wrong lifestyle. Just a united people with one will. The American nation was in unison, shouting that it would survive. Those who wanted to become heroes stepped forward, by working at a disaster site, giving blood so that another person may live to see another day, or by giving gifts of money to help facilitate organizations that were providing immediate assistance to those most affected.President Bush responded to this act of terrorism by stating "Make no mistake, the United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts." This determination for retribution is only natural at a time like this; yet we must understand that in order for America to recover and survive others need not experience downfall. There is a great hatred towards Arabs and Muslims being felt...

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