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Aspirations To Be A Top Forensic Scientist

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My career goal is to aspire to become one of the top Forensic Scientist in the country, and eventually become an International Baccalaureate Chemistry teacher. I developed my career off of my passion of science and math with the need capitalize on my capabilities and explore the nature of the world and be able to share my knowledge with the younger generation.
For each payment, I have received I saved 50% of it towards a college savings bank account, 25% towards personal expenses, such as clothes, movies, sports etc, and the last 25% always goes towards helping helping out my mother with house expenses, though she does not approve but still appreciates and is grateful for, I contribute to ...view middle of the document...

I often look back upon the times when students said they wanted to be Doctors, Lawyers,Engineers ect. But now, most of the students I see just want to get out of school and work in retail jobs, such as the mall and fast food chains. It would be great if a campaign was started, in which the youth were informed of the great career opportunities available with a college-carrier oriented education.
Perhaps the biggest significant experience I have ever faced was moving to the United States as a young child. The mere thought of having to go to a school, make friends, and learn two different languages was overwhelming to me at the time. It was not easy for me to learn English at school and return home to a Spanish-only speaking household. It was through this adversity that I started to push to myself to try harder and strive for bigger goals. I was not going to let others tell me how I could live my life.
While in my school and local community spreading the word about non-violence with SAVE, I notice that teens now a-days do not seem interested in college. I often look back upon the...

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