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Online Social Networking Essay

3547 words - 14 pages

Table of Contents

Introduction 2
Review of Literature and Technologies 4
“Out the Box” Software 4
Programming Languages 5
Integration of a Forum 6
Implementing Security 6
Proposed Methodology 7
Choosing the Language for Development 7
PHP Frameworks 8
Developing the Framework 8
Identifying Social Network Functionality 9
Users 9
Friends 10
User Profiles 11
Status Updates 12
Private and Public Messages 12
Supporting Media 12
Groups 13

Social Networking can be defined as the online grouping of individuals into a formalised community, the most common approach for online social networks are through websites. Most social networks will have a theme or niche associated with the website; meaning users share common interests through video games, sports, religion, or fitness. These Social Networks can be described as a “social hub” for individuals with shared interests. Becoming a member of a Social Network provides you with your own personalised page, interaction with other members, discussions on a given topic and more dependent upon on the site. Social Networks such as Facebook, Classmates and Twitter are known as “traditional” Social Networks as they do not cater to individuals with a certain interest.
Many use the term Social Media when they are actually referring to a Social Network, the two are actually quite different. Lon S. Cohen provides an explanation of the two from his blog. “Social Media can be called a strategy and an outlet for broadcasting, while Social Networking is a tool and a utility for connecting with others.”
Social media is more akin to communication channels, it can deliver a message through television, newspaper or radio. Simply put, Social Media aims to deliver information to others, examples are YouTube, Bodbean and blogs. Social Networking can be defined as an act of engagement with groups of individuals with a common interest, members can associate and have discussions upon a given topic and build relationships through a community. Social Networking examples are Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest.
As stated by Rice, D:
• “Social media is about content.”
• “Social networking is about conversation.”

Having examined the current state social Networks; there is lack of presence in with soccer based themes or sports themes in general. Having discovered a lack of sports social networking mediums; client, Jim Townsend requested the development of a soccer based social network architecture. The first prototype will be developed for the soccer team Arsenal. Upon successful completion of the first prototype, developments can begin for a second social network that will harbour relevance and importance to a different soccer team and continue in this process e.g. 1st Prototype = Arsenal, 2nd Prototype = Chelsea 3rd Prototype = Aston Villa. Therefore the first prototype must be developed with the notion of being an architecture.

Prior to development of the proposed application research was undertaken to gain a clear...

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