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Assasination Of Leon Trotsky Essay

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The Assassination of Leon Trotsky

During the power struggle in Russia, an escaped prisoner of the name Lev Bronstein, was murdered on August 20th, 1940 by Ramon Mercader. Bronstein was a Russian marxist who went against Stalin’s beliefs. He was forced to leave the country by Stalin’s wishes. However, before he left he accomplished many things such as helping the Bolsheviks into power and creating the South Russian Workers Union.

Lev Bronstein was born on November 8th, 1879 and grew up in a small town in Yanovka, present day Ukraine. He was the 5th child of a well off Jewish farmer. When Bronstein was 9, he was sent to finish his schooling in Nikolayev. As a teenager he was very interested in socialism and helped create the South Russia Worker’s Union. He was later arrested along with 200 other union workers and was sent to jail for four years. While he was in prison, he married a woman named Aleksandra Soklovskaya and together they had two daughters . ...view middle of the document...

Trotsky settled in Vienna and soon had to leave to avoid arrest as a Russian Emigre. He then went to New York and found out about the February Revolution and made his way to St. Petersburg. While Trotsky was in St. Petersburg, he joined a group called Bolsheviks. Lenin was the leader of the USSR and Trotsky was second in charge.Trotsky was in charge of foreign affairs. He disagreed with the terms made with Germany and resigned. He then formed the Red Army while still remaining second in charge. When Lenin died Trotsky was sick so the new leader was Stalin. Trotsky continued to criticize Stalin and that led him to be banned from the USSR.

In 1927, Stalin threw Trotsky out of the party, and Trotsky was sent to an asylum in Mexico. He was found guilty of treason, but continued to write about and criticize Stalin. Many times Stalin's men tried to kill Trotsky, but he survived until August 20, 1940. While living in Mexico, Trotsky was befriended by Ramón Mercader. "Ramón Mercader, a Spanish communist who had won the confidence of the Trotsky household, fatally struck him with an ice pick." -Britannica. He died the next day. The Soviet Union claimed they had no part in the act and Mercader was convicted of murder.

"Trotsky was undoubtedly the most brilliant intellect brought to prominence by the Russian Revolution, outdistancing Lenin and other theoreticians both in the range of his interests and in the imaginativeness of his perceptions." -Britannica. Trotsky was a hard worker, a moving and compelling speaker, and a great leader that everyone loved. He was also very arrogant and conceited and had way too much pride for his own good. If he had won the struggle to succeed Lenin, many things would have been different in Russia, such as foreign policy.

Trotsky’s leadership and boldness to criticize Stalin is one of the many reasons he is well known. Before his oddly death, he accomplished a lot and was a huge part in Russian politics. He helped create many popular Russian organizations and was one of the most prominent men in government.

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