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Assassin's Blood Essay

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The home was fully alarmed and had sentries deliberately posted inside
and out, but it made no difference to him. He slipped from shadow to
shadow, silently advancing toward his prey with the slyness of a
cougar. Small arsenals of weapons were at his disposal and hung from
the compartment around his waist slightly open and ready. Soft shoes
and an even softer step made his approach silently and deadly. His
dark clothing, years of training and experience gave him a distinct
edge over his targets. They usually didn't even know they were being
hunted until it was too late. By then they were on their way to

He could see a crack of light coming from the side of his victim's
bedroom door. He was still awake. No problem, he thought, it would be
over before it began. He slid along the wall to the edge of the door
and listened to the sounds coming from the other side. His mark was
humming a catchy little tune that reminded him of a television
commercial he had recently seen. He smiled thinking the idiot would
die with that stupid jingle going through his head. He gently opened
the door further and looked in through the open space. He could see
the man's back to him covered in a silken red robe combing a scrubby
patch of hair in a mirror on a dressing unit next to the bed. He would
wait until he was in bed and the lights were out.

He didn't have to wait long. The light from the bedroom went out and
he heard the rustling of sheets and the creak of bed boards as his
target shifted into a comfortable position. He stood in the shadows
for a moment longer and then made his move. With practiced care he
opened the door just far enough for his slight but strong body to
slide through. He could see the shadow of his target lying on the bed
with his back to him. He reached into his pack and took out a steel
cable with a small wooden handle on each end. He inserted the cable
between his fingers and slinked along the carpeted floor toward the
bed. He had to make it a quick and silent kill if he wanted to escape

The throttle found its place around the victim's throat and tightened
with little effort. He barely struggled before his breath and life
were gone from his body. He checked the mark's pulse to be certain he
was dead and once satisfied there was none he slithered out the
window, down the wall and out of the complex to his waiting Porsche
down the street. He casually drove away with a smile. Another night's
work complete, he could now make his way home and have a drink.

He opened the door to his apartment, a Baretta 9mm at his side. He
listened with ears that had been trained to detect a person breathing
through a wall in another room but nothing. He slipped the Baretta
back into its holster beneath his arm and flipped the light switch on.
He bolted the door behind...

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