Assassin's Creed In Popular Video Game Culture

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Video games have risen in popularity in America the past couple decades where popular gaming franchises influence or reflect modern American culture. Many video game franchises are popular but one franchise that has stood out in video game media is Assassin's Creed. Assassin's Creed is a franchise consists of video games, spinoffs, comics, graphic novels, animated films, figurines, weapon replicas, clothing, and other merchandise. Only focusing on the video game branch of the franchise, the series began on 2007 with its first installment released. The franchise was planned out as a spin-off for the Prince of Persia series but end up developing as their own franchise. Currently there are seven main games in the franchise and the games have historical fiction, action-adventure, and stealth genres. The games feature dense narratives, historical buildings with the ability to climb freely on them, and the iconic hidden blade. Since the first game, roughly around 57 million copies of all the games in the franchise have been sold world wide (1). Compared to other popular franchises such as Grant Theft Auto, that sold 150 million, and Halo, that sold 50 million, Assassin's Creed franchise has its fair share of popularity. Not focusing on only numbers, just go to any video game convention one would probably see a couple people dressed up as Assassin's or see many merchandise of the franchise. So in video game culture right now Assassin's Creed seems fairly popular. Considering how popular Assassin's Creed is in America, the game has aspects that reflect common ideas, morals, and traits that are present in American culture as well as other popular American media.
The most obvious trend Assassin's Creed has is the violent aspects in the game. Assassin’s Creed is just another popular game in the video game industry that features violence as a main point of the games. While a small percentage of games sold are rated mature for violence, many of the popular games of the year tend to be mature featuring any form of weapons, fighting, or gore/blood (4-5). Assassin’s Creed is no exception with adding violence to its content. Since the game is named Assassin's Creed, the main protagonists are people trained in the art of murdering and killing. With the ability to use a wide range of historically inspired weapons as well as fictional ones, the player has the ability to kill in many varied ways in the games. The most iconic weapon in the franchise would be the hidden blade and the glorious ability to jump from high buildings and stab the players target in the throat with the hidden blade. If many Americans like violent video games like Assassin’s Creed that might reflect a negative aspect of our culture. Video games are not the only medium which has a popular presence of violence. Movies and television shows also depict many violent actions, some considered excessive and meaningless. Stephen King analyzed popular horror films and why people go view them, and one...

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