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By: chris dorval Assassination at Sarajevo Important Places/Dates of event: April,1914- Narodna Obrandna recieves paper that says that Francis Ferdinand will be coming to Sarajevo on June 28, 1914 Sarajevo-June28, 1914- Francis Ferdinand and Sofia Chotek are assassinated July 23- Austria sends ultimatum to Serbian leaders July 28-Austria declares war on Serbia August 1, 1914- Germany declares war on Russia August 2, 1914- Germany asks for free transit in Belgium; Belgium refuses, but German's enter anyway August 3, 1914- Germany declares war on France August 4, 1914- Germany admits to violation of Belgian rights, promises to restore order after war October 12, 1914- Gavrilo Princip's trial Key Idnividuals/Roles: Francis Joseph- emperor of Austria-Hungary Francis Ferdinand -Archduke, heir to the thone; assassinated Sofia Chotek- Francis Ferdinand's wife; assassinated Gavrilo Princip-assassin and revolutionary terrorist Description/Summary of Event: Of all the European rulers at the time, none was probably more unlucky or unhappy as Francis Joseph, emperor of Austria-Hungary. Francis Joseph's brother Maximillian was killed by a Mexican firing squad, his sister-in-law went insane, his wife was killed by an anarchist, and his son had either committed suicide or was murdered along with his mistress. As if this wasn't enough on Sunday June 28,1914 Francis Joseph's nephew and heir was assassinated along with his wife in Sarajevo. The assassin at Sarajevo was a 19-year-old man named Gavrilo Princip, a member of Narodna Obrandna, which was a secret Serbian patriotic-terrorist group. This groups goal was to restore Serbia back to the way it used to be and becoming free of Austrian rule. In April of 1914 Narodna Obrandna received a piece of paper saying that Francis Ferdinand will be coming to...

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3648 words - 15 pages partially correct. The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip did not cause World War I; instead it served as one of the contributing factors to the start of the war. This is why in Sarajevo, after 1990, there are no traces of the assassination. Street names have been changed, and Gavrilo Princip is now considered a criminal terrorist by Bosnia. Today it is known that “The assassination is a very sensitive topic

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697 words - 3 pages Causes of World War 1 World War 1, also known as “The Great War” occurred due to many causes. It was the result of aggression towards other countries. Rising nationalism of European nations, economic and imperial completion, and fear of the war prompted alliances and increase of armed forces. This created tension contributing to the outbreak of war. But it was assassination in Sarajevo that triggered World War 1. In the 19th Century

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1790 words - 7 pages entente powers became stronger. The 1914 Sarajevo assassination was so important in plunging Europe into war because the assassination occurred on 28th June 1914- national Serb day. Austria massively insulted Serbia by arranging for the Austrian heir, an important symbol of Germanic pride, to visit the capital of Bosnia, which contained Bosnian Serbs who should be celebrating slavdom on this day.. The heir new the visit would

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1318 words - 5 pages . Sooner or later this rush to appropriate new territories was bound to spark disagreements over limitations of control.One large incident that provoked World War 1 was the assassination of the heir to the Habsburg throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife, Duchess Sophie. On July 28th 1914, the heir to the Austrian Empire, Franz Ferdinand, was visiting Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. Franz Ferdinand had been warned that his visit could

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974 words - 4 pages “Black Hand”. The Black Hand planned to kill the Arch-Duke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary while he was visiting Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The assassination went comically wrong and wasn’t successful until the next day when Ferdinand’s car made a wrong turn, resulting in the car passing by a restaurant where a member of Black Hand, Gavrilo Princip, was eating a sandwich. Princip then took the opportunity to shoot Ferdinand, which

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777 words - 4 pages request from General Oskar Potiorek to visit the capital of Bosnia, Sarajevo, to inspect the army maneuvers. Bosnia and Herzegovina were provinces that had been under Austro-Hungarian administration since 1878, by the international agreement. Austria annexed the provinces in 1908. It was a controversial move which upset the governments in the west but the Greater- Serbia proponents were outraged by this. They wanted the provinces to be part of a

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3218 words - 13 pages had read about Russian revolutionaries and their background. Another was Trifko Grabezh, a weak character but necessary for plots like this. Nedjelko Chabrinovich was an anarchist, socialist and a few other things. Major V. Tankosich was the right-hand man of Dimitriyevich, who trained the conspirators. Danilo Ilich was stationed in Sarajevo and made responsible for concealing weapons and making plans on the scene of the assassination. The other

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2046 words - 8 pages . Austrian mismanagement was probably the most prominent in the summer of 1914 by reacting too strongly to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. It was an insensitive move in the first place to send the heir to the Hapsburg empire through Sarajevo as many Pan-Slavist groups existed in the city such as Gavrillo Princip and the Black Hand Gang. The day of the assassination was also Serbia's national day which meant parading through

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1398 words - 6 pages assassination of Ferdinand helped trigger WWI. S.L.A. Marshall writes, But for murder at Sarajevo there might never have been a war. [iii Though, the "Black Hand" assassinated Ferdinand, which led to greater tensions between Serbia and Austria-Hungary, the Black Hand was not the only instigator of the war. Another instigator of the war to be discussed is Wilhelm II. Wilhelm II was shrewed, treacherous, and hysterical. He was a chronic bully

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766 words - 3 pages in some senses. Not one single event sent the countries of Europe to war, it was more of a series of events, alliances, and ideas that plunged Europe into war.The most popular answer to the question "What caused World War 1" would be the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, in Sarajevo. This single event did not spark war immediately but rather set off the "powder keg" of European tensions. Emporer

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2327 words - 9 pages mobilized against Germany and then Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium. Britain entered the war to help France and Belgium. Within five weeks after the Sarajevo assassination, all of the European powers had entered World War I (Ross 7-8). After the war, most countries blamed Germany for being over aggressive and causing World War I. However, later scholars believed, “It was more realistic to say that the world had, in the apt words of

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875 words - 4 pages last straw, so to speak, which led to the First World War. The following paper examines the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and its relationship to the start of WWI.      Under the rule at the time of the assassination, the old Austrio-Hungarian Empire was built by conquest and intrigues, by sales and treacheries (The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand). Franz Ferdinand was a man who many believed would make this

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1241 words - 5 pages 28, 1914, that Archduke Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of the Habsberg monarchy travelled through the streets of the Bosnian town of Sarajevo. A first assassination attempt failed that morning, when a bomb was thrown at the passing Archduke, missing its target, but injuring two of Ferdinand's aides. The Archduke insisted on continuing his journey to the town hall, where he and his wife, ironically, listened to a speech by the Mayor of