Assassins Creed Iii Vs. Grand Theft Auto V

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Every person on earth has a different personality. A person’s personality determines the things that he/she likes and dislikes. The video games Grand Theft Auto V and Assassins Creed III have many things in common but even more differences. Every game has some kind of main character that is unique to that game only. Each game also has some kind of plot which is unique to said game. The characters and plots of these games happen to be very different. While each offer a very desirable amount of entertainment, Assassins Creed III is the most appealing.
Grand Theft Auto V has three main characters; Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Phillips. Each character is a terrible influence. Every action of the people in this story is criminal and irresponsible. Michael De Santa is a retired bank robber with deep seated emotional problems. Franklin Clinton is a young African-American man who dreams of becoming a big-time criminal in Los Santos (based off of modern day Los Angelo’s). Trevor Philips is a mentally unstable redneck and retired bank robber who at one time was partnered with Michael De Santa. Trevor also happens to own a business which mainly deals with the illegal sale of weapons and drugs. The main characters in Grand Theft Auto V are horrible role models for the teenagers who might happen to play the game.
Assassins Creed III has two main characters. The main characters are Connor, an 18th-century assassin, and his 21st-century descendant Desmond Miles. These characters show compassion, respect, and responsibility all throughout the story. Connor was born in 1755. He joined the Assassin Order in 1770. Connor shows the utmost devotion to his family and tribe. He spends the majority of the game seeking justice for unlawful actions that were taken upon his tribe. Desmond Miles, born 1987 was a member of the Assassin Order and a descendant of numerous family lines that had sworn an allegiance to the Assassins. Desmond devotes his life, and ultimately dies as a result, just to save people despite the fact that he just wanted to live a normal life. He...

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