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Assesing The Quality Of Assurance 1.1

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Internal quality assurance (IQA) is at the heart of quality assurance both within the national framework and within the quality and management systems of each approved centre. The role, in terms of managing assessment so that it consistently meets national standards, is central to maintaining public confidence in each and every certificate issued, therefore IQA is a key factor in managing ‘risk’ and ensuring that when certificates are claimed for candidates the requirements of the national standards have been reliably met.

If there is no external formal examination taken by learners, there has to
be a system of monitoring the performance of assessors. If not, assessors might make ...view middle of the document...

Prior to deregulation with validation from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) training organisations had to provide a process for summatively assessing candidates learning. St John Ambulance (SJA) accomplished this by using suitably qualified internal assessors.
It must be recognised that the vast majority of SJA trainers were and are currently qualified and competent assessors therefore following deregulation from HSE in October 2013 the trainers made the transition to summatively assess candidates along with this came the requirement to document the assessment process.

St John Ambulance itself is not an Awarding organisation, however, under the ‘voluntary aid societies’ with permission from the regulators the organisation can retain ‘independent status’ therefore must follow and maintain a robust IQA strategy. The IQA Strategy ascertains what or who is to be assessed, monitoring the assessment practice of assessors using clear criteria; uphold the respect, credibility and quality of the qualification or skills being assessed of the organisation. The IQA role supports this by providing accurate representation of monitoring of the learner journey throughout the organisation both interim and summative stages by all summative assessment methods, maintaining assessment accuracy and consistency of decisions of assessors, manage risk, identify issues and give support with development to assessors.


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