Assesment Of Adolf Hitler's Speech Giving Tactics

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The investigation evaluates the significance the change in speech tactics Adolf Hitler used in his speech on the 26th, of April 1942 to the Reichstag. To assess the speech tactics Hitler employed in this particular speech, the investigation will look at what tactics were used and how they differed from speeches Adolf Hitler had given previously. Psychoanalysis documents and the original translated speech were primarily used throughout the investigation. Two of the sources used in this investigation are Analysis of Hitler’s speech on the 26th April, 1942. written by Joseph McCurdy, and the translated speech Adolf Hitler: Speech to the Reichstag Assuming New Power (April 26, 1942) from Jewish Virtual Library but originally from The Propogander, a magazine.
Part B
• Hitler’s execution of the speech
-Psychologists revealed it may have been the most calculated ever
-Psychological Projection6
-atypical speech of Hitler1
-few emotional outbursts and shouting, something Hitler was known for
- Does not boast about superiority of the Germans
-Boasts about the undeserving achievements of the Italians and attempts to minimalize the achievements of the Japanese, deserving of praise.
• The calculations behind the speech
-Appears modest 3
-tries to show that he is interested primarily in the wellbeing of Germany.1
-laying a foundation for peace offer as a precaution in case Germany lost the war2
-wanted to gain unlimited power, exempt from the law3
• Why the speech is different than normal
-cockiness is gone1
-employs different methods that are typical of the speaker1
-praises other countries more than Germany, maybe because of the battle of Moscow
-Doesn’t brag about the German power or speak negatively about the people of his enemies, simply the leaders.1
Part C
Source 1:
Origin: Adolf Hitler’s radio speech on April 26th, 1942 to the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany
Purpose: Its purpose was to give an update on the war but to also make the Reichstag see that to help Germany, Hitler needed to be exempt from the laws because he needed to fix the judiciary and legal system because in his opinion they were not doing their jobs properly and granting him this power would allow him to fix these problems.
Value: This speech is a primary source and shows how the speech was atypical of Hitler and the different styles he employed in this particular speech. It also shows the speech in its entirety which is useful when analysing the contents of the speech
Limitations: This speech only shows what Hitler said at this time which may not have been his personal feeling but rather what was required of him to do as leader. It also does not show the reactions of the German people to this speech where he attacked the legal and judiciary systems.
Source 2
Origin: Analysis of Adolf Hitler’s speech given on April 26th, 1942 to the Reichstag by Walter Langer, a psychoanalyst, finished May 25th, 1942.
Purpose: The purpose was to analyse Hitler’s speech from the 26th of...

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