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A rubric is a technique of recording students’ performance of in an assessment where various standards are being evaluated and where the quality of individual performance is vital. A rubric is designed as a guide that aids the assessor in making uniform and consistent judgments on the excellence of student performance. Rubrics can either be holistic or analytic in nature. An educator using rubrics uses a marking criteria that entails the elements considered during the process of scoring such as superiority of argument and amount of research done. Rubrics also contain descriptive terms concerning the level of every criteria being tested such as distinction, credit or pass.
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For instance, if the narrative is to be written in in four paragraphs, the student only earns a point in this element if the narrative is indeed in four paragraphs.
Checklists are useful in progressive assessment to monitor the improvements made by students towards attaining certain goals. There are two main types of checklists which include checklists for teacher observation and peer assessment checklists. Teachers can employ observation checklists for developmental assessments that focus on particular social skills, oratory skills, reasoning, and writing skills. Checklists also provide a means for self-assessment and peer assessment without requiring the teachers input. The problem with checklists is that, unlike rubrics, they do not include anything about the quality of the student’s performance and merely indicate the student met the set objectives.
Anecdotal Records
Anecdotal records present chances for documentation of the gradual growth in performance of students over a period of time. On-the-spot recording offers an economical, non-threatening, measurable technique of collecting an assortment of information on the academic progress of students as well as their social and psychological advancement. Anecdotal annotations can be made at the end of each lesson, day or week. Consistent anecdotal recordings provide indications of improvement and patterns of conduct that are not usually depicted other assessment tools....

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