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Assess British American Relations During The 1840's Included Manifest Destiny, Creole Affair, Fifty Four Or Fight, The Caroline,The Webster Asburton Treaty .

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British-American relations during the 1840?s had a couple of disputes that could have cause war with Britain. The main things the British and Americans disagreed over in the 18 40?s were borders and ownership of territory. Because of the Manifest Destiny mentality of the Americans they thought that all territory to the west belonged to or would belong to the US. The main territory in dispute was the Oregon territory, which could have went a lot worse and could have started a war with Britain. The Caroline affair also could have led to war because the US could have taken it as an invasion onto US soil from Canada, which was British controlled. The Creole case also caused tension. Even though these tension causing events were occurring Britain and America were progressing towards more defined borders. An improvement in relations was also shown in the repeal of the Navigation acts.The July 1845 edition of New York?s Democratic Review contained an editorial by John L. Sullivan. Written specifically to support the U.S. annexation of Texas, O?Sullivan?s article introduced a phrase that was excitedly adopted by supporters of Western expansion as the Manifest Destiny.?It is our manifest destiny to overspread the continent allotted by providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions.? Said O?Sullivan.As the nation approached the middle of the nineteenth century, enthusiasm for territorial expansion ran high. Supporters of the Manifest Destiny argued that more Western land was needed to provide space for the new Americans created by a high birth rate and increased immigration. They pointed out that land governed by Mexico and Britain was sparsely populated and mostly unproductive. The supporters argued that the land should be given to American settlers who can put it to better use.The Democrats were the most vocal supporters of the Western expansion. In the presidential election of 1836, Democratic candidate James K. Polk defeated his Whig rival, Henry Clay. Polk would serve only one term, but his four years in office did much to put the philosophy of Manifest Destiny into action.( Ramini p?.)In 1818, Britain and the US had agreed to a joint occupation of Oregon. This arrangement had worked well while most of the areas white inhabitants were fur traders operating along the coast. But in the 1840?s hundreds of Americans settlers began moving into the region along the famous Oregon Trail. Now many Americans called for their governments to claim all of Oregon for the US, not just up to the 49th parallel, but up to latitude 54?40?.In 1844, supporters of the ?reoccupation of Oregon held a convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of the conventioneers, William Allen, coined the phrase ? Fifty four or fight,? to sum up the conventions belief that the US should back up its claim to Oregon, with force if necessary; a move that might mean another war between America and Britain.In 1846, the US government bowed to public pressure and took action on...

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