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Compare And Contrast Essay: Australian And Chinese Identities

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With globalization, people from different countries may have more opportunities to communicate with each other. China, as an East Asian country, has a different national identity from Australia. To avoid misunderstanding and improve effective communication between China and Australia, it is important to find out the differences and similarities between Chinese identity and Australian identity.'s 21st Century Lexicon (2014) defines ‘national identity’ as ‘the depiction of a country as a whole, encompassing its culture, traditions, language, and politics.’ Therefore, this essay will analyze the national identity of Australia and China from the aspects of their unique histories and political systems meanwhile focus on how these features influence Australian and Chinese national identities.

Australia is a relatively egalitarian society in that most people are treated equally and hold a belief of anti-authority. The idea of equality and anti-authority started from the earlier colonial history; was guaranteed by the political system and realized in the social lives of Australian. Disher (1987) indicated that Australian history began with a dark period when many convicts were sent to this colony. These convicts lived in hard conditions. They worked under supervision by British colonists and free settlers as servants and laborers. The British colonists were the authorities who owned privileges and enslaved these convicts. These convicts dissatisfied with this unfairly targeted. They desired freedom and equal rights to free settlers. Hence, they fought with the authorities to gain their human rights. For instance, Disher (1987) reported that hundreds of convicts fought with the colonists for freedom at Castle Hill government farm in 1804. These convicts brought an anti-authoritarian attitude to Australia. (Sherington, 1980) Until now, this spirit of anti-authoritarian along with aspiration of equality still influences Australian people and society.

Furthermore, Australian federation system and multi-party system separate and balance the power of Australian government. These political systems ensure most people living in Australian have fair treatments. On 1st January 1901, Australia established “a federal system of government, under which powers are distributed between the federal government and the states” (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia, 2012). Federation system leads Australia maintaining two legal systems, which ensure that no one is able to use power and money to take advantage of others or to make things better for oneself. Apart from the federal legal system, each state and territory has the right to have its specific legal systems that mainly affect the daily life of local citizens. The law of each state or territory can be more appropriate for the local circumstances in order to maintaining fairness to every Australian resident. Australia has many federal parliamentary parties, such as Australian Labor...

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