Compare And Contrast How Paris And São Paulo Have Changed Over Time...

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Paris and São Paulo are two very different cities; one is located in a MEDC, the other in a LEDC. São Paulo was founded by the Jesuits in 1554 on a plateau 72 kilometers from the coast, Paris on the other hand was founded by a Gallic tribe, and it grew to be a fishing village until the Romans conquered it, from there it began to grow.Similarities between Paris and São Paulo start in the early growth of them. Until 1857 for Paris and 1950 for Brazil, both of the cities growth was typical of European cities of that time. The climate and red soil was perfect around São Paulo for coffee growing, the arrival of the railway in 1867 large scale cultivation became possible, barons began to build public buildings and mansions as well as improving the infrastructure of railways and ports from the huge success of the coffee industry, however the coffee boom also attracted a large migrant work force notably Italians, then Japanese and later eastern Europeans, the large migrant force were also employed in a other growing industries such as the textile industry which lead to the growth of the city. Paris on the other hand, really began to grow during the industrial revolution when long established towns broke out of their medieval defensive walls and expanded along the main routes in concentric circles, with "legs" extending along important routes.Buildings in Pairs can be divided into four main time periods, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Classical. The Roman architecture was symmetrical and organised, mostly made of concrete, large columns were always present that gave a majestic and dominating feeling. However the medieval architecture was very different, building was built haphazardly and the streets were narrow and unplanned leading to a maze of streets. The renaissance was similar to the roman period and was mostly imitated. The most important period was the classical; during the 1600's the French classical style developed which made Paris famous for its architecture. São Paulo, having not gone through so many changes in architecture does not posses as many classical and great pieces of architecture however some historic monuments were built such as the Pátio de Colégio and the Anchieta Chapel which are some of the few remaining monuments. A striking contrast in architecture arises in the present day. One would expect an MEDC to be more developed in the CBD than in an LEDC, but it seems the reverse is true in the case of Paris and São Paulo. São Paulo really began to grown during the post war era when motoring companies such a Ford and General Motors located their factories in São Paulo, similar investments were made and by the mid 50's the population surpassed Rio's. The economy at that time began to move from agriculture toward manufacturing, this led to high rise buildings and skyscrapers in the city centre. Paris on the other hand wants to maintain its heritage, due to the fact...

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