Assess One Or More Of The Asia Pacific’s Territorial Disputes And Provide A Critical Evaluation Of How It/They Link/S To Broader Issues Of Potential Conflict In The Region.

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AI 3001 Asia-Pacific International RelationsAssess one or more of the Asia-Pacific's territorial disputes and provide a critical evaluation of how it/they link/s to broader issues of potential conflict in the region. After World War II, there is a long period which lasted more than 25 years that all the states in the world needed to resume their spirits and conducted their post-war reconstruction, especially the states in the Asia Pacific. At that time, most of states, like China and some Southeast countries whose behaviours were following the standard of liberalism which is primarily interested in international cooperation and collaboration (Viotti, Kauppi, 2012, p.129), tended to be more interdependent and focused more on regional development, However, after 1945, while retaining a part of liberalism, states like the U.S. and Japan turned to be more realism those who paid more attention on their own benefits. (Ainley, Brown, 2009, p.45) Thus, to expand their own or alliances' territories and maximize the benefits from the potential resources such as oil and gas, many countries, as typical realism nations, the U.S. and its alliances, Japan, try to provoke territorial disputes between them and the countries they try to capture. There are about three kinds of serious and continual disputes that occurred in the Asia Pacific region, which contains South China Sea dispute which is between China and Southeaster Asian countries, Senkaku/Diaoyu Island dispute between Sino-Japan, and Russo-Japan Kuril Islands dispute. Due to those disputes are issues left over by history, thus, the disputes are knotty to be solved. Nevertheless, the situations may get worth and even lead to other unnecessary conflicts if the existing disputes cannot be well handled. Take the Kuril Islands dispute as the first example. After World War II, the states who participated in the war should take a long time to recover themselves, but the world was not that peace as the people expected it to be, especially in the Asia Pacific region. Since Russia and Japan signed the Treaty of Shimoda which claimed Japan got the ownership of the four southern islands and Russia owned the north in 1855 (refer to chart 1). (Japan, n.d.)Chart 1 The Kuril Islands (BBC News, 2013) By the time World War II began, there were 17,000 Japanese residents. However, the Russia expelled all the residents who were from Japan after it controlled the entire islands by 1949. (BBC News, 2013) Quite unexpectedly, Japan renounced "all right, title and claim to the Kuril Islands" in the San Francisco Treaty's which was signed by Yoshida Shigeru, a Prime Minister of Japan at that time, (San Francisco Treaty, 1951) but Russia didn't sign the treaty. (BBC News, 2013) This dispute has lasted almost 60 years, however, it still doesn't be solved. In the recent years, Russia and Japan start a new argument with each other about this dispute and who should have the ownership of the islands. In 2001, Vladimir Putin,...

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