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Assess The Achievements Of Women’s Liberation Movement Modern History Essay

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The Women’s Liberation Movement is catalyst responsible for the distinct improvement of the rights and freedoms for females within Australia. The Women’s Liberation Movement was formed of young women living in a period of rapid social and cultural change during the time period of 1960’s to 1980’s. Many were also active in civil rights, peace and new left movements and had the skills to spread their message in powerful and varied ways. During the history of women’s rights, women have been vocalizing their opinions and desires for the right to have equal rights and freedoms alongside men after several ongoing years of being segregated and discriminated against due to their gender. To this day, women have been continually working to advance their place in society and see them receive the full equality that they really deserve. Since the beginning of the 20th century, individuals and organized groups have felt that women were treated unequally, and they vowed to do something about it. The peak of this movement occurred during the 20th century, when the Women's Liberation Movement was recognized as an organized effort to gain equality of women. To provide context to the Women’s Liberation Movement, it is essential to note the impact that WW2 had on the rights and freedoms for women. As the majority of males that made up the Australian society were in the armed services, women needed to take ownership of the day to day running of the country that was previously typically known as the male roles. Post-war saw the infancy of women wanting equal opportunities as a result of the male population returning and demanding their roles in society back[footnoteRef:1], consequently leaving women unemployed and questioning their rights and freedoms within the Australian society. [1: Margaret Macmillan, World War II (1960): The War That Changed Everything. Retrieved 28th August 2016]

During the period of 1950s- 1980s, the Women’s Liberation Movement introduced and implemented some of the greatest’s achievement that have empowered women of today’s society. From the introduction of the contraceptive pill, to the Equal Pay Cases of 1969 and 1972 and the Anti-Discrimination at of 1977, these achievements were all highly instrumental in shaping the future lives of the women that make up the Australian population.

Prior to the Women’s Liberation Movement significant involvement within society, women were actively questioning their traditional roles such as cleaners and homemakers as they were unhappy with the stereotypical jobs that women were traditionally seen to pursue. This dramatically changed when the contraceptive pill became available within Australia for the first time during 1961. Australian women won unprecedented control over their own fertility, hence increasing their involvement in the workplace. To some it meant the freedom to pursue work and career, for others simply smaller families. For both women and men, it marked the beginning of a new era...

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