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Assess The Conditions Necessary For Effective Teamworking, And The Challenges Facing Managers Wishing To Organise Work In Such A Way.

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IntroductionIn today's business environment, team has been generally considered as a valuable formula for work organisation. As Tarricone and Luca mentioned (2002), nowadays employers pay special and consistent attention to collaboration and teamwork, viewing them as 'a critical skill, essential in almost all working environments.' There is research dividing team into different types (Sundstorm, Meuse & Futrell, 1990); however, it will not be the case here.This article will firstly give brief explanation of team and teamwork, and try to find out some key conditions of developing effective team through collating early literature. The focus will be in the scope of human resource management even though much research discussed team combining consideration of organisations and leadership etc. The characteristics of effective team will be assessed and continually some issues will be arisen and viewed as challenges for managers examining. Debates also arise in the parts of the autonomy and reward. Finally the conclusion will mention the required change in the managers' roles in a changing environment.TeamworkA team is a group of people assigned a task or a set of tasks to accomplish and often 'granted autonomy over how to accomplish their assignment' (Baron & Kreps, 1999). Harris and Harris define teamwork as 'a work group or unit with a common purpose through which members develop mutual relationships for the achievement of goals/tasks' (Tarricone & Luca, 2002). Combining the concept of autonomy, the definition of teamwork is chosen here for providing a simple, conceptual notion to discuss work teams with various purposes and types in business environment context.Necessary conditions for effective teamworkingSince teamworking has been widely applied in workplace the attributes of effective teamworking has become an important and popular issue. Study has identified effective teamwork as one of the underlying elements of businesses with high performance. In other words, successful corporations 'rely on teamwork as an essential basis for everyday operations (Tarricone & Luca, 2002).' Therefore, the characteristics of effective teamworking have been drawn and listed in tremendous amount of research. The conditions included in this article are listed and discussed next.1. Mission claritySome studies list the mission clarity as one of the necessary conditions (Sundstorm, Meuse & Futrell, 1990; Gustafson & Kleiner, 1994; Natale, Libertella & Rothschild, 1995; Borrelli, Cable & Higgs, 1995; ) or the most important one (Davis & Scase, 2000) while discussing effective team. Mission clarity means all team members fully and clearly perceive the purpose, goal and task. Purpose is that team members need to know why they are gathered to form a team, which means team formation (Gustafson & Kleiner, 1994). Goal is the target which members need to achieve, and it includes the match of short-term objectives and long-term...

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