Assess The Impact And Significance Of Chin Peng's Achievements

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Chin Peng's achievements have been significant in both saving and destroying lives, as well as hastening the establishment of an independent democratic Malaysia. He potentially saved the lives of many by leading guerillas against the Japanese invasion during World War II, and he also terrorized and caused civil unrest throughout Malaysia by attempting to establish an independent communist Malaysia which incidentally pressured the British to establish an independent democratic Malaysia. Despite his achievements however, he has not created a lasting impact on Malaysia largely because of his failed communist campaign and exile from Malaysia which has tarnished his mark.In 1942, Chin Peng saved Malaysia by leading the "Malaysia Peoples' Anti-Japanese army (MPAJA)," in a guerilla fight against the invading Japanese who occupied Malaysia during World War II. During this period much of Malaysia was in British hands but they could not defend Malaysia due to a defeat in Singapore in the early 1942. For this reason, this meant that the only organized resistance against the Japanese was the Malaysian Communist Party. The British helped the MCP equip and train the military arm of the Malaysian Communist Party to create the Malaya Peoples' Anti- Japanese Army of 5,000 guerilla fighters. Chin Peng joined the Malaysian Communist Party in early 1942 under the leadership of Lia Teck and was appointed the general MPAJA guerilla army because of his leadership and organizational skills. Under his command, Chin Peng led the guerilla warfare against the Japanese and was able to drive them off by 1945. He had saved Malaysia from invasion and was seen as a hero by the Malayan people as well as earning the gratitude of the British. Chin Peng's achievement of ousting the Japanese off Malaysian soil is significant in potentially saving many Malaysian lives.Chin Peng terrorized and caused the deaths of thousands in Malaysia in his attempt to take control over Malaysia and turn it into a communist nation after the conflict with the Japanese. After the war against the Japanese, Chin Peng became the new leader of the Malaysian Communist Party and wanted to make Malaysia into a communist nation by overthrowing the British. He began the war against the British...

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